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Summer Course Costs

OU summer courses are identical in cost (by hour) to courses offered during the fall and spring semesters at the University of Oklahoma. The cost may vary by course due to college-specific fees associated with each course. For a breakdown of the cost of taking a course in the summer at OU, please click the following link to visit the tuition and fees website.

Summer Course Costs

Flat Rate Tuition

In an effort to save students money throughout their OU career, a flat rate program for full-time undergraduates was implemented in Fall 2013. The rate is based on OU's current 15 credit hour rate of tuition and hourly mandatory fees. Students registered in fewer than 12 hours will continue to pay on a per credit hour basis.

Flat-Rate Tuition Details

  • Part-time students (enrolled in 1-11 hours) will be charged tuition on a per credit hour basis. Any undergraduate student registered in 12 or more hours* will be charged a flat rate based on the current 15 credit hour rate for tuition and hourly mandatory fees. Students are encouraged to take 15 or more hours in order to receive maximum benefit from flat-rate tuition.
  • College program and technology, additional academic excellence, and course fees will be charged at a per credit hour rate. 
  • Flat-rate tuition does not apply to Graduate, Law, or Advanced Program students. In addition, students only enrolled in PACS courses are not subject to the flat rate. These students will be charged on a per credit hour basis for tuition and fees.
  • Summer courses will continue to be charged on a per credit hour basis.
  • Full-time undergraduate students who are registered for less than 30 hours for fall and spring (but pay the flat-rate) may be eligible to expend "banked hours" during the summer.

*Permission is required for students who want to enroll in more than 19 semester hours per Oklahoma State Regents' policy.

Banked Hours

Full-time undergraduate students who are charged the flat rate and take fewer than 15 hours per semester may be able to bank hours to use in the summer. The hours a student has banked will automatically be used to reduce summer charges for tuition and mandatory hourly fees.  

  • Students must be classified as undergraduates during the summer semester to be eligible to receive reduced charges for banked hours.
  • Academic Excellence Fees, College Program and Technology Fees, Mandatory Semester Fees, and Course Specific Fees are not charged at the flat rate, and will not be covered by summer banking
  • Banked hours may not be used for developmental math (DMAT) courses.
  • Courses outside of the Norman campus summer term will not be covered.
  • Courses covered do include on-campus, online, and OU summer study abroad courses.
  • Enrolled hours exceeding the number of hours banked will not be covered.
  • No credit will be received for unused banked hours.
  • Courses dropped after the add/drop period (at 0% refund) will count towards your enrollment total when determining banked hour eligibility.

Financial Aid

  • Financial Aid Services - Login to (opens in new window) for access to the summer financial aid information and the summer application. Go to the "Financial" tab and follow the instructions. You must be admitted to a regular degree program at OU and have the FAFSA on file to get started! OU’s FAFSA school code is 003184.

The Summer Semester 2023 financial aid disbursement date has been affected by the schedule change to move straight to Summer Semester without a Spring Session.  Be advised that if you are enrolled in the Summer Semester blocks beginning May 15, 2023, your financial aid will be disbursed on May 22, 2023.  This is approximately one week after the start of classes.  We hope this notice allows you prepare in advance for a delayed disbursement. 

For students not enrolled in the Summer Semester courses which begin on May 15, disbursement will occur 10 days prior to the first day of the student’s first course. 

Summer Pell

If you were eligible for Pell during the fall and spring semesters, you may be eligible to receive up to a full-time award for summer courses. Students who were enrolled full-time during the fall and spring semesters will need to complete at least 6 hours during the summer to qualify for a Summer Pell Grant.

Student Financial Center