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Summer Courses

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Summer Schedule and Courses

Look into one of our many course options this summer. Summer is a great time to focus on foreign language requirements or to concentrate on a difficult subject!

OU Summer Semester courses begin immediately following the Spring semester and offer 5 different blocks to choose from that are 4-weeks and 8-weeks long throughout the summer. The courses are shorter in comparison with the Fall and Spring schedule. Due to this, several courses meet Monday through Friday.  

Summer 2023

May Block

4 Weeks

May 15 - June 9

Full Term

8 Weeks

May 15 - July 7

June Block

4 Weeks

June 12 - July 7

2nd Full Term

8 Weeks

June 12 - Aug 4

July Block

4 Weeks

July 10 - Aug 4

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Study Abroad

The summer semester is a great time for studying abroad. Find out more about the study abroad experience by going to the Education Abroad website below.

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