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Summer Courses

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Summer Schedule and Courses

Look into one of our many course options this summer. Summer is a great time to focus on foreign language requirements or to concentrate on a difficult subject!

OU Summer Semester courses begin immediately following the Spring semester and offer 4 different blocks to choose from that are 4-weeks and 8-weeks long throughout the summer. The courses are shorter in comparison with the Fall and Spring schedule. Due to this, several courses meet Monday through Friday.  

Summer 2022

May Block

4 Weeks

May 16 - June 10

Summer Block

8 Weeks

May 16 - July 8

June Block

4 Weeks

June 13 - July 8

July Block

4 Weeks

July 11 - Aug 4

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There are over 600 online courses offered in the Summer with OU Summer Session and most classes that are offered in the Fall and Spring are also offered in the Summer. 

In order to see a breakdown of courses for Summer, visit CLASSNAV.OU.EDU. This website can breakdown classes by block term, teaching style, subject, and semester offered. Courses for this Summer are already available to be viewed for your planning of the upcoming year.

Finding a class is easy with CLASSNAV!

Study Abroad

The summer semester is a great time for studying abroad. Find out more about the study abroad experience by going to the Education Abroad website below.

Visit Education Abroad

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