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Estimates from the Oklahoma Water Resources Board project statewide water demand to increase by more than 33% from 2010 to 2060.  To ensure the longterm reliability of water supplies, the Oklahoma Water SurveyWaTer Center and scientists across campus research sustainable solutions to addressing water issues.

In 2008 the University began a project with a budget of $1.9 million to convert existing toilets, faucets, and shower heads to fixtures which required less water.  Toilets were converted from fixtures which once required 6 gallons per flush to low-flow units which require 1.6 gallons per flush, a reduction of 73% per flush.  Faucets and shower heads were converted to reduce their total water output.  It is estimated that by implementing these conversions the University annually saves the water equivalent of 24 Olympic-size swimming pools.  Presently, the University adheres to low or reduced flow specifications when purchasing water fixtures.  The fixtures approved for purchasing allows the University to pursue a goal of a 30% water use reduction.

Through a partnership with the City of Norman, the University of Oklahoma was the first in the state to utilize and store reclaimed wastewater for irrigation.  Since 1996, reclaimed water has been safely used for irrigation at the University’s Jimmie Austin Golf Course where an 800,000 gallon tank is utilized for storage of effluent water.  The use of effluent water is not severely impacted by drought, and is an extremely valuable irrigation resource during dry years.

Filtered Bottle Filling Station in Price Hall

Plastic bottles require water and petroleum to manufacture and gas to transport.  Across campus, more than 80 bottle filling stations have been installed with the aim to reduce demand for bottled water and adjust the mindset of how people get drinking water on campus.

For a list of bottle filling stations, use the table below to search.

Adams Center Dormitory1st FloorNear Raising Canes
Adams Hall1st FloorNear mens restroom RR114; across from College Trading Room
Andrew M. Coats Hall1st FloorAcross from the elevator & near stairs / room 1052
Andrew M. Coats Hall2nd FloorIn the library, between the restrooms near room 2087
Bizzell Memorial Library1st FloorNear the elevator
Bizzell Memorial Library1st FloorOutside of book return/ near the clocktower entrance
Bizzell Memorial Library4th FloorOutside governmentt documents collection
Bizzell Memorial LibraryLower Level 2Near LL2013 (Ladies Restroom)
Buchanan Hall2nd FloorOutside room 226
Burton Hall1st FloorNear vending machines
Burton Hall2nd FloorOutside room 229
Carnegie Building1st FloorOutside room 103 
Carpenter Hall2nd FloorNear room 207
Carpenter Hall3rd FloorNear room 307
Carson Engineering Center1st FloorNW corner stairwell
Carson Engineering Center1st FloorNE corner stairwell
Stanley B. Catlett Music Center1st FloorNear room 112
Ellsworth Collings Halls1st FloorNear room 114
Ellsworth Collings Hall1st FloorNear room 170
Ellsworth Collings Hall2nd FloorNear Room 231
Ellsworth Collings Hall3rd FloorNear room 316 (womens restroom)
Couch Center Dormitory1st FloorAcross from Couch Express
Couch Restaurants1st FloorDining Area
Couch Restaurants1st FloorDining Area
Dale Hall Classroom Building2nd FloorEast Unit north side of staircase
Dale Hall Classroom Building2nd FloorWest Unit north side of staircase
Dale Hall Classroom Building1st FloorEast Unit north side of staircase
Dale Hall Classroom Building1st FloorWest Unit north side of staircase
Dale Hall Classroom Building1st FloorNear room 112
Dale Hall Classroom Building1st FloorNear room 122 
Dale Hall Tower1st FloorNear room 102 
Devon Energy Hall1st FloorBetween men and womens restroom (rooms 107 &109)
David L. Boren Hall1st FloorNear mens restroom.  Maybe room 192.
Ellison Hall1st FloorAcross from room 128
Felgar Hall2nd FloorOutside room 231
Fine Arts Center1st FloorOutrside room 111
George Lynn Cross Hall1st FloorOutside room 154
George Lynn Cross Hall1st FloorOutside room 123/128
Goddard Health Center2nd FloorUniversity Counseling Center, Hallway 222
Goddard Health Center1st FloorClinic outside room 120
Goddard Health Center1st FloorPatient Services, Outside room 189
Gould Hall1st FloorRoom 147
Gould HallBasementDid not document location but field verified
S.J. Sarkeys Complex2nd floorJust inside of the turn wheels
S.J. Sarkeys Complex1st floorNear IT's vending machine
S.J. Sarkeys Complex1st floorBetween cardioroom and racquetball court
S.J. Sarkeys Complex1st FloorOn the north end of the basketball court
S.J. Sarkeys Complex2nd floor On bridge near stair master machine
Jacobson Faculty Hall1st FloorTo the west of the lobby desk near elevator
Kaufman Hall1st FloorNear room 140 
Lin Hall2nd floor Between men and women’s restroom (rooms 204 & 205)
McCarter Hall of Advanced Studies1st FloorNear room 108
McCarter Hall of Advanced Studies2nd FloorNear room 208
McCarter Hall of Advanced Studies3rd FloorNear room 308
McCarter Hall of Advanced Studies4th FloorNear room 408
McCarter Hall of Advanced Studies5th FloorNear room 508
McCarter Hall of Advanced Studies6th FloorNear room 600
Murray Case Sells Swim Center1st FloorOutside men's locker room
Nielsen Hall1st FloorOutside room 155A
Nielsen Hall1st FloorOutside room 170
Nielsen Hall2nd FloorNear room 286
Physical Sciences Center8th FoorOutside room 811
Physical Sciences Center2nd FloorOutside room 214 (stairs)
Physical Sciences Center 2nd FloorLobby
Michael F. Price Hall1st FloorNear room 1050
Radar Innovations Laboratory1st FloorMain working open area
Richards Hall1st FloorNear stairwell 158
Donald W. Reynolds Performing Arts Center2nd FloorOutside room 2030
Donald W. Reynolds Performing Arts Center3rd FloorOutside room 3020
Sarkeys Energy Center2nd FloorNear m214 (women's restroom) 
Sarkeys Energy Center1st FloorNear Room n106 
Sarkeys Energy Center2nd FloorNear room a210
Stephenson Research and Technology Center1st FloorAcross from 1092; between the restrooms
Stephenson Research and Technology Center2nd FloorAcross from room 2062
OU Traditions Square - East-kitchen area of the Clubhouse
OU Traditions Square - West-kitchen area of the Clubhouse
Oklahoma Memorial Union1st FloorFood Court
Oklahoma Memorial Union1st FloorNear Crossroads
Walker Center Dormitory1st FloorFirst floor