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Student Groups and Government

The SEC’s purpose is to house the various campus environmental groups and supply these groups with the resources to bring about positive environmental change and awareness in the surrounding communities through information dissemination with faculty, administrations, student body, and the community. The Student Environmental Council is not a governing body but acts as an information hub and support system for the earth conscious community.

The Beekeepers' Association strives to promote the vitality of pollination networks in the Norman area. The establishment, maintenance, and propagation of new colonies is their primary directive. Additional club affairs include increasing public pollinator awareness, furthering education and research, and volunteering in support of the environment.

The Botanical Society creates the opportunity for non-majors and majors to collaborate in projects and activities involved with botanical science. Our focus is on education and public engagement.

ESSA aims to provide opportunities for future environmental engineers and scientists to build meaningful field experience and to assist the local community through volunteer work. 

Geography and Environmental Sustainability Club’s purpose is to A) promote friendship, cooperation, and networking among students studying Environmental Sustainability, Geographic Information Science, and Geography; B) promote awareness of the aforementioned areas of study; and C) represent the interests of students in the aforementioned areas of study to individuals and other groups at the University of Oklahoma and in the greater community.

Green Week is an annual week-long event that was created in order to promote environmental sustainability and awareness on OU's campus. It takes place during April of each year and consists of fun and informative events where students are able to learn about how they can lessen their impact on the environment as well as help develop their community.

OUr Earth’s purpose is to educate the OU community on environmental issues of all types affecting the campus, state, nation, and world and to encourage the active participation of members in activities relating to such issues.

For more information contact the Undergraduate Student Congress at

The Graduate Student Senate’s Sustainability Committee focuses on identifying policies and practices at the University, local, and global level that promote environmental awareness and the responsible use of natural resources. The committee recommends and coordinates initiatives to the University Community that promote environmental sustainability on campus and represents graduate student interest in sustainability with regard to legislation in the Graduate Student Senate.  For more information, contact