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2016 Lectures

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Teach-In on the First World War

Philip Jenkins, an author and history professor at Baylor University, kicked off the 2016 Teach-In, "Teach-In on the First World War on March 7, 2016.

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Heather Perry, an associate professor of history at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, delivered a lecture on the intense loss of life and eventual medical innovations introduced in WWI.

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University of Texas history professor H.W. Brands gave a luncheon address on Woodrow Wilson and isolationism.


Christopher Capozzola, an associate history professor at MIT, focused his lecture on the Great War in relation to Oklahoma.

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All six lecturers from the day's Teach-In contributed to a Q&A session with those in attendance.

Eugene Rogan, a professor of modern Middle Eastern history at the University of Oxford and director of the Middle East Centre at St. Antony’s College in Oxford, explained how the First World War continues to have ramifications in the Middle East.

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John Horne, emeritus professor of modern European history at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, delivered the keynote address of Teach-In on the First World War.

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