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COVID-19 Dashboard

This dashboard represents COVID-19 testing data on the University of Oklahoma Norman campus.

The dashboard utilizes aggregate testing data from OU’s Goddard Health Services and Cleveland County and regional statistics providing information to monitor community infection.

The charts for Goddard Health Services reflect the results of ongoing COVID-19 testing administered by Goddard Health Services for students, faculty, and staff on the Norman campus, as well as counts of individuals in self-isolation based on responses collected through the OU Screening and Reporting Tool.

State and local case counts from the Oklahoma State Department of Health are provided as dropdown menu options for additional context.

Data will be updated regularly.


  • Please note: As COVID-19 data move into reporting systems, it can take a few days to fully investigate and verify the information. This is why various totals (for example: city, zip code, and county case totals) may not always align. 
  • Goddard Health Services (Norman campus) source: Goddard Health Services provides data based on test results from Goddard
    • The results of many of the tests run at Goddard Health Services (Norman campus) will also show up in the state reported data for the zip codes surrounding the OU Norman campus, for the City of Norman, and Cleveland County (depending on the address of the person being tested). Students, faculty, staff, and affiliates who elect to be tested in off campus facilities will not be reflected in the data for the Goddard Health Services (Norman campus).
    • The CDC defines isolation as the separation of sick people with a contagious disease from people who are not sick. The CDC’s definition for quarantine is the separation and restriction of movement of people who were exposed to a contagious disease.
  • OU Housing data source: OU Medicine provides results from tests conducted on-site in OU Housing
  • State and Local data source: Oklahoma State Department of Health (