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Program & Training

Workshops are dedicated to OU faculty and staff. Registration is REQUIRED.


Developed by OU faculty and staff, the Diversity Ally program is designed to improve campus climate by providing skills and resources needed to avoid bias, to support students and colleagues, and to disrupt harmful dynamics when they arise. After brief lectures, participants are invited to introspect in an empowering way. The workshops may be completed in any order. Those who complete the series completion earn the Diversity Ally certificate.  

Click the link below to learn more about and register for the Diversity Ally Unlearning Series.  All sessions are scheduled for 9am - 11:30am and all sessions  are open to Norman, HSC, and Tulsa campuses.

To learn more about our On-Demand Training options click here. ( 


Our team is also available to consult and to tailor the workshop to your department/unit needs.  Please submit your request by clicking this link: Workshop/Training Request

-Unconscious Bias


-Stereotype Threats

-Diversity Ally Unlearning Series

The framework of the #WeAre campaign focuses on the core values of the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. It is designed to establish a campus-wide movement centered around community and togetherness while maintaining individuality across diverse groups.

Click the link to learn more about the We Are Webinars. 

Starting in the fall of 2020 all OU students, staff, and faculty will take an online training in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion on a three year cycle. Staff and faculty will also take a course called Managing Bias. See below for course information. 

The course content is managed by a company called EVERFI, a leader in campus education. The courses will be delivered via OnPoint, and you can login to your account using your SSO credentials (4x4 & password) to access the courses here:

Program Calendar

For more information about all of our programs and training please click the link below to access the program and training calendar.