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As you may know, OU offers lots of resources to our students, staff, and faculty, which can make finding the right ones for you difficult. Luckily, we have compiled the resources into a searchable list found below. You can search for resources directly by using the Search Bar, or you can filter the list by campus, audience, and alphabetical names. To do so, just click on the arrows next to the headers that say "Title" "Audience" and "Campus."

Once you find a resource that you are interested in, just click on the name of it, the words in red and the farthest on the left, and it will open up a new tab with their website. 

OU Resources

Threat Intimidation Guide

pdf U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation: Threat Intimidation Guide
A guide to understanding how to mange In-Person Threats, Phone Threats, Electronic Message Threats, and/or Cyber Attacks.

OU Employee Resource Groups

At OU, the Employee Resource Groups are an open forum for individuals with a shared identity to build community and a place of belonging.

Click here for more information about OU Employee Resource Groups. 

For any questions about ERG please send an email to