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The Prism Project

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The Prism Project

To better inform the community of issues involving Tulsa’s LGBTQ+ members

Tulsa Reaches Out (TRO) partnered with several Tulsa-area organizations to conduct a needs assessment survey to provide outreach, create advocacy groups and guide policymakers about the needs of Tulsa’s sexual and gender minorities, commonly referred to as the LGBTQ+ community.

TRO commissioned The Hope Research Center at the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa to conduct the survey within Tulsa’s LGBTQ+ community. More than 800 anonymous surveys were completed and analyzed. The steering committee met over an 11-month period to inform the design and promotions of the survey, and analyze and interpret the findings. From this effort, a 73-page report was released in November 2019.  The complete report is available by going to:

The Prism Project – Tulsa’s Sexual and Gender Minority Community Needs Report, 2019 (PDF)

Two page briefs covering 5 areas of the report’s focus can be accessed by clicking on the links to:

Family & Community Experiences (PDF)
Health & Healthcare Access (PDF)
Mental Health (PDF)
Workplace Experiences (PDF)
Youth Experiences (PDF)

A 4 page list of recommendations can be accessed by clicking this Recommendations link.

Additionally, a PowerPoint presentation summarizing the findings and recommendations is linked here: PowerPoint or PDF

From the findings and the report, TRO established three goals:

  • Provide outreach to community partners to inform practices and ensure responsive services to the needs of sexual and gender minorities (SGM);
  • Inform advocacy groups working to increase public awareness and support goals to improve the well-being of the SGM community, and
  • Guide policymakers with data and analysis about the SGM community to inform future policy recommendations and actions.

The Prism Project tracks changes in the LGBTQ+ community since TRO first conducted a LGBTQ+ Needs Assessment in 2004-2005. The new project highlights key findings as well as noting comparisons, improvements and challenges the LGBTQ+ community now faces as compared to 15 years ago.

TRO and its 27-member steering committee are actively involved in engaging with various Tulsa area organizations to highlight the report’s findings and stimulate dialogue on how to best implement the goals of the undertaking.

TRO is planning a series of facilitated roundtable discussions on different focus areas of the report with key stakeholders on The Prism Project’s findings. These discussions are designed to identify next steps for improving services to Tulsa’s LBGTQ+ community.  Additional outreach efforts will be undertaken over the next several months to inform non-profits, corporations, policy makers and others of the survey results.

Additional materials will be added to this site as identified to help support outreach and training to improve utilization of the report’s findings.

For more information or to arrange a facilitated discussion within an organization, please contact Dennis Neill at or (918) 808-1010.

About Tulsa Reaches Out
Tulsa Reaches Out is an advisory council within the Tulsa Community Foundation whose goal is to raise awareness and address changes needed for sexual and gender minorities.

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