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Student Stories: Barrie Jo Kaiser

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Student Stories

Barrie Jo Kaiser

Class of 2019

What are your future plans? 

I am excited to be staying here at OU-Tulsa to continue my training in pediatrics, with a plan to specialize in child neurology!

Share an experience you had at the OU-TU School of Community Medicine that helped you determine your career goals.

I loved my pediatric and neurology rotations during my third year of school.  Since OU does not have a child neurology rotation in Tulsa, the staff in the student services office worked with me to set up a child neurology rotation in OKC.  The student services office always goes above and beyond to make sure students get the opportunities they need in order to make future decisions.  That child neurology rotation helped to solidify my decision to pursue that as a future career.

What were some of your favorite moments as a Tulsa Sooner? 

Most of my favorite moments throughout my time as a Tulsa Sooner involve my classmates or the wonderful faculty and staff that I had the opportunity with which to work.  Some highlights include: celebrating over a dozen marriages of classmates, a pool party at Dean Herman’s house, and all of the activities during Match Week!

Tell us about some of your favorite classes at the School of Community Medicine. 

During the first two years of school my favorite class was our Neurology Course!  It was taught really well, and I was fascinated by the brain.  During my third- and fourth-year rotations, I really enjoyed neurology, pediatrics, and internal medicine.  We get the chance to learn from so many incredible physicians during our rotations who have a real passion for developing future doctors and have a high standard of patient care.

What would you tell someone thinking about going to the School of Community Medicine?

DO IT!!! I never imagined that I could love medical school as much as I have, and will always be thankful for the four years that I have spent here.  The School of Community Medicine has been the most positive environment in which to learn and grow. I have learned so much more than how to diagnose disease and what medication to prescribe during my time at the OU-TU School of Community Medicine! I’m really thankful for the opportunities that the School provides to learn about the many factors that influence health in a community.

Tell us about anything else that made your time at the School of Community Medicine meaningful.  

I really can’t speak highly enough about the faculty and staff at the School of Community Medicine.  It is great to be at a medical school where your attending physicians know your name and interests, and where staff will always work with you to get the experience you need. If I had to choose all over again where to go to medical school, I would pick the School of Community Medicine every time!