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Culinary Medicine Book

Cooking Cures in your Kitchen is a must-have resource for anyone who wants to learn more about preparing fresh vegetables more confidently and deliciously. Chef Valarie Carter, MPH, and Dr. Marianna Wetherill, PhD, MPH, RDN/LD, cover everything from basic kitchen tools to detailed instructions on preparation and cooking methods for a wide variety of vegetables. Our book makes a great gift for anyone who is embarking on their personal journey to wellness. All proceeds support the teaching mission of the OU Culinary Medicine Program. To purchase a book for yourself, a friend or family member, visit here. 

In our book, we cover topics ranging from basic cooking skills and tools you need in your kitchen to how to properly peel a butternut squash. To give you a preview of the book, we have pulled a few pages to share with you. Together we will cover how to safely make common knife cuts and break down common seasonal produce like the below: 

We'll talk about how best to purposefully incorporate beans and lentils into your daily diet: 

We discuss hearty and tender greens and how to use them every day for maximum impact: 

We teach you how to use peppers and chilies and what's hot vs. what's not: