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The Residency Application Dossier

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The Residency Application Dossier

Whether you apply to a program through ERAS, the San Francisco Match, or the Urology Match, the contents of the materials that will comprise your application dossier will be virtually the same.  The principal elements are listed below:

1)      C-A-F (Common Application Form): This will contain personal identification information, much of your academic history, achievements, and activities, many of the items typically found in a CV.  You provide all of this information directly.

2)      Letters of Recommendation (LOR): Most programs will ask for two to three letters attesting to your personal qualities and potential capabilities.

3)      The MSPE (Medical Student Performance Evaluation): Commonly referred to as the Dean’s Letter, this document is provided as a summary of your progress through medical school.

4)      The Medical School Transcript

5)      The USMLE Transcript:  An official report of all attempts and scores will be made available to potential residency programs.  You must provide permission for this information to be forwarded, and you are strongly advised to do so.

6)      Your Personal Statement: This is your own sales pitch to prospective programs.

7)      A Professional Photo: You have the option to include a photograph with your ERAS application materials.  This is highly reccomended and some programs require it.  

A suggestion:  Have a professional photo made. You are applying for a very important job.  Guidelines for the size and composition are available in the ERAS instructions you will receive.  Look professional when you have your photo made.  A picture cropped from a vacation snapshot, a picture taken with your favorite pet, or a picture taken in athletic gear (yes, some of your predecessors have submitted these kinds of pictures in the past) are NOT appropriate and not likely to positively influence the impressions formed by a Chairman, a Program Director, or a Residency Selection Committee.