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Student Services Office Faculty and Staff

Jeanne Hayes, MD, MPH

Associate Dean of Student Affairs 

Dr. Hayes oversees the School of Community Medicine (SCM) Student Services for both the medical and physician assistant students. Her specific responsibilities include admissions, student advising, student grievances, scholarship administration and a host of other student duties. 

(918) 660-3694




Meredith Talley, BA, MHR

Director of Student Services and Admissions

Meredith serves as the Director of the Student Services office, managing the day to day operation of all aspects of student services, including outreach, recruitment, admissions, student activities, orientation, graduation, exam proctoring, current student support, and more.  Meredith also serves as an advisor for the SCM Student Executive Council. 

(918) 660-3092




Melody Lowe, BA, MA

Assistant Director of Student Services

Melody serves as the Assistant Director of the Student Services office, supporting the day to day operation of student services, including outreach, recruitment, admissions, student activities, orientation, graduation, grant projects, current student support, and more.  

(918) 660-3414




tammy kuykendall

Tammy Kuykendall

Student Services Coordinator

Tammy serves as the coordinator medical students.  She is responsible for the scheduling and enrollment aspects for the preclinical classes and clinical rotations and clerkships.  Tammy serves as the SCM's Chief Proctor for the national exams administered during student's third and fourth years.  She is also the liaison to all area hospitals and ensures students have the necessary documentation for clinical rotations.

(918) 660-3502




Wang Yang

Wang Yang

Scholarship and Business Coordinator

Wang supports students in a variety of ways including planning events such as the student match lunch, convocation and other student services. Wang is the administrative support for the Scholarship and Awards Committee and coordinates the scholarship process for the students in the SCM.  She joined our office in November 2017

(918) 660-3498





Lindsey Peaker 

Administrative Support Specialist 

Lindsey is the first friendly face you’ll see when you visit the Student Services Office. Her responsibilities include, coordination and support of the general day-to-day operational, administrative, and clerical tasks related to the Student Services Office. 

(918) 660-3500






Dani Kennedy-Lareau, BA, MA

Catalyst Program Coordinator

Dani serves as the Catalyst Program Coordinator. Dani guides the student-led Catalyst leadership team in their efforts to equip and empower pre-meds on their journey to medical school. She oversees Catalyst mentors and their pre-med mentees. She helps plan and implement programs and events such as Pre-Med Day, MCAT Assist, and monthly workshops. She also supports other outreach and pathways programs as needed.

Rosanne Mcdaniel, EdS, LPC, LADC, CEDS

Student Success Program Senior Counselor

Rosanne serves as the student success program senior counselor. She provides opportunities for student development collectively and individually to empower academic, professional, and personal success. Rosanne collaborates with students, faculty, and staff to develop a holistic approach that addresses observed and self-identified obstacles. She offers assistance identifying academic resources, developing professional skills, and providing emotional support to help students reach their highest potential.





Ellen Paulson 

Admissions, Recruitment and Special Projects Coordinator

Ellen serves as the Admissions, Recruitment and Special Projects Coordinator. Ellen helps coordinate admissions activities and pipeline programs such as Club Scrubs and MASH Camp for high school students during the summer. In addition, Ellen recruits prospective students for the School of Community Medicine and helps with the admissions process. Ellen helps with facilitating student led clubs, meetings, workshops, interview days and various events for high school students and current medical and physician assistant students for the School of Community Medicine. Ellen has a unique perspective since her previous role in the University was the Student Coordinator for the first and second year medical students. She has a good grasp on what it takes to be a medical student and what all they encounter in their first two years. Ellen has worked for the University since April of 2020, but has been in this role since January 2022.

(918) 660-3447