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Support the OU-TU School of Community Medicine

The OU-TU School of Community Medicine is the first of its kind in the nation.

The OU-TU School of Community Medicine is changing the way we train healthcare professionals. Students learn the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of acute and chronic diseases in whole communities, as well as the full range of primary care and sub-specialties offered in traditional medical programs.

Our unique focus doesn’t end with medical education and clinical service. Collaborative teams work closely with other programs at OU-Tulsa to define what healthcare will look like in the future. This OU-Tulsa family is revolutionizing healthcare delivery and redefining a healthy community. 

We would love to visit about how you can support the innovative work at the OU-TU School of Community Medicine. Please contact Shelly Fowler to set up a time to talk - or 918-660-3472.

In collaboration with medical providers from OU Health Physicians in Tulsa, OU-TU School of Community Medicine students have been serving our community in OU Bedlam Clinics for nearly 20 years. 

Giving Access

Oklahoma has the second highest uninsured rate in the nation. Many of these individuals are hard-working but are still among the 1 in 6 Oklahomans living in poverty. In an effort to address this need, while also providing a  hands-on, innovative learning experience, the OU-TU School of Community Medicine launched OU Bedlam Clinics in 2003.

Gaining Knowledge 

These student-led clinics provide free medical care, labs, prescriptions and radiology services to Tulsa’s underserved who do not qualify for other assistance, including Medicaid. While fulfilling a critical community need, OU Bedlam Clinics also offer an important training component for medical, physician assistant, nursing and social work students. 

Help Our Students Save Lives

The OU Bedlam Clinics receive no direct state or federal dollars — the program relies on private donations to offer this critical service. Even with the generosity of our community, an annual funding gap exists which has been underwritten by the OU-TU School of Community Medicine.  

The Giving Access, Gaining Knowledge Campaign will establish a $7 million endowment to support the OU Bedlam Clinics. Endowment earnings will be combined with annual gifts; therefore allowing existing school resources to be reinvested in other academic programs.

The Oxley Foundation has committed $3.5 million of this goal, if the remaining funds are raised through other gifts. 

We are asking for your help in meeting this challenge.

  • Help fill a critical healthcare gap for our locally underserved
  • Save taxpayer dollars by reducing emergency room visits
  • Create a positive impact on our community
  • Enrich the lives of Bedlam patients

OU Bedlam Clinics have been providing quality healthcare, alleviating overcrowding in emergency rooms and positively impacting the community for nearly 20 years. 

For more information on how to make a gift contact:
Leah Brumbaugh / (918) 660-3322 /
Shelly Fowler / (918) 660-3472 /

Annually, the Bedlam Health Care Project sees over 1200 uninsured patients annually. Last year they performed 3200 patient visits, 518 behavioral health screenings, 660 patient visits with a social worker and over 11,000 no cost prescriptions.

The OU Bedlam Clinic offers a vital service in an innovative, collaborative environment that has provided healthcare to underserved individuals in Tulsa for over 17 years. The clinic includes a no-cost evening walk-in clinic, two afternoon longitudinal clinics for patients with chronic illnesses, and an onsite pharmacy. With oversight from faculty physicians, the clinic also offers an essential teaching component to medical, pharmacy, nursing, and social work students. This model fits well with the school’s community philosophy by allowing students to learn by providing medical care to individuals who otherwise would not receive on-going treatment.

All services are provided at no cost to the patient. This includes office visits, lab testing, radiology testing and medications through the onsite pharmacy. If the condition is such that further medical treatment is needed, clinic staff work with local community partners to arrange additional treatment. The OU Bedlam Clinic has truly been a life saver for people from all walks of life.

“The Bedlam Clinics provide quality, continuous care to many Tulsa-area patients with chronic disease who would otherwise often be in emergency rooms with one crisis after another,” says F. Daniel Duffy, M.D., former Dean of the OU-TU School of Community Medicine. “Helping to bring their diseases quickly under control has pulled many of them from the brink of serious health crises. They often tell us they don’t know what they’d do or where they’d go for treatment or medicines were it not for the Bedlam Clinics.”


With your help, we can provide all first-year medical students and physician assistant students with a new stethoscope and white coat to mark the start of their medical education and professional career. 


Gifts to the enrichment fund support the operations and advancement of the OU-TU School of Community Medicine. Your contribution will allow us to continue providing our students with an enriching experience while giving them the skills to improve the health of all individuals.


Children at Risk
Last year the Team for Children at Risk performed over 550 medical exams for cases of suspected abuse or neglect. The team performed over 250 legal consultations and 65 legal cases with the Medical Legal Partnership for Children. There were 35 testimonies in court and over 2000 patient visits. Lastly, 100% of patients were evaluated for mental health referrals.


Medical Exams on Children who are Suspected Victims of Abuse or Neglect

When a child is treated at the Children’s Advocacy Center, Saint Francis Health System, Hillcrest Medical Center or St. John Medical Center, and child abuse or neglect is suspected, one of the Team for Children at Risk's two board-certified child abuse pediatricians are called to perform a medical exam. This prevents the medical exams from occurring multiple times on the same child and from being conducted by physicians who have not received subspecialty training in child abuse pediatrics. If needed, the team works with the judicial system to provide medical expertise prior to and during a court trial.

Fostering Hope of Tulsa

Fostering Hope of Tulsa is a medical clinic dedicated to serving northeastern Oklahoma children living in foster care. Fostering Hope of Tulsa helps to ensure continuity in health assessments, diagnosis and treatment. Current services include physician-led placement screenings, health assessments, needs, and communication with caseworkers.

Child Abuse Pediatrics Fellowship

The OU-TU School of Community Medicine is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education to offer a Child Abuse Pediatric fellowship. The fellowship program can take up to two physicians who wish to receive training in this subspecialty. The Child Abuse Medical Exam and Fostering Hope of Tulsa programs are vital learning components of the fellowship. The Child Abuse Pediatrics Fellowship will allow the Tulsa campus to train future physicians to become leaders in this field at local, state and national levels.

Medical-Legal Partnership for Children

In partnership with Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, this program provides low-income families and guardians of pediatric patients with civil legal services in the areas of income supports; healthcare access; education access and accommodations; landlord/tenant or housing issues; and promotion of family safety and stability.


Your scholarship gift will help provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to serve as well-rounded specialty or primary care physicians, while learning a special skill set to improve the health of entire communities.


Faculty and staff can support OU year-round through:

Payroll Deduction: With payroll deduction, gifts can be made over a convenient number of pay periods. Click here for the form. 

One-time gift: Make a one-time cash gift to support an OU college, department, program, scholarships or any other campus need.



Shelly Fowler
Director of Alumni Giving
OU-TU School of Community Medicine
(918) 660-3472