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Coronavirus Updates and Resources

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COVID-19 Updates and Resources for OU-Tulsa

Current Return Plans

OU-Tulsa COVID-19 Return Plan

FAQ Page

  • Scheduled Visitor/Vendor FAQ - top of page
  • Travel FAQ - bottom of page

Additional COVID-19 Resources & Documents

COVID-19 Screening & Reporting Tools

Employees & Students with an OU/OUHSC login

  • For all employees and students with an active OU/OUHSC login.

Scheduled Visitors, Vendors, and Newly Hired Employees

COVID-19 Screening & Reporting Tool - Effective May 19, 2020

All University of Oklahoma employees, resident physicians, and students, please note the UPDATED screening guidance.

Each time you experience one of the following scenarios, you must complete an online screening tool for assessment* and clearance PRIOR to returning to campus or returning to a University-related function:

  • You have been away from campus facilities for 7 consecutive days or more;
  • You returned from domestic or international travel (including any cruise). Domestic travel is defined as travel outside the State of Oklahoma;**
  • You attended an event, entertainment venue, or group gathering of 10 people or more at which you were not wearing a mask and did not practice appropriate social distancing in the last 14 days. The people in your household do not count toward the 10 people at the gathering;
  • You have had close contact to someone diagnosed with COVID-19 or someone who has symptoms that could be consistent with COVID-19; typical symptoms are fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, and/or extreme fatigue;
  • You have experienced symptoms that could be consistent with COVID-19 such as fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, muscle aches, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, and/or extreme fatigue. Please contact your primary care provider with any personal medical questions for guidance concerning your specific symptoms. For a complete list of symptoms, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention webpage.
  • You or a member of your household has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 60 days.

Given the unique nature of the programs at OU-Tulsa campus, our health care mission, and our patient populations, this screening requirement is an important effort we can implement to stop the spread of COVID-19.

*A medical professional will be in contact with you, typically within 24 hours following submission of your form. Based on a medical professional's review of your information utilizing criteria developed by public health and infectious disease experts, you may be directed to observe a self-isolation period up to 14 days. Employees are encouraged to discuss their scheduling, in advance, with supervisors. Because COVID-19 remains a fluid situation and University policies will continue to be modified, Student and Employee Health clinic staff will not be able to give travel guidance relative to future travel and whether or not isolation will be required. 

**Commuter Process: If, as part of your University employment or the required academic curriculum, you must travel on a daily or similarly regular basis in a personal vehicle (either alone or with other members of your household) back and forth across Oklahoma state lines, you may not be required to complete this screening tool each time you leave the state (unless you meet one of the other screening and reporting criteria). For example – If you live 10 miles over the Oklahoma state line and commute in your personal vehicle to the OU Health Sciences Center, another OUHSC location, or assigned OUHSC clinical experience each day to work or attend class, you may not have to complete the form every time you commute. You MUST check with your immediate supervisor or student dean for further information regarding the Commuter Process to determine if it applies to your particular circumstances. Below are the suggested factors that the immediate supervisor or student's dean or their designee should review in considering an application for the Commuter Process:

  • Method of travel (public vs. private transportation): Air, Bus, Train, and Shared Ride Services are higher risk and generally not appropriate for the Commuter Process.
  • Frequency of travel: If it's a one-time only trip, the employee/student will need to submit the Screening and Reporting Tool. If it's regularly scheduled based on academic or clinical requirements, the Commuter Process may be appropriate, but the other factors must also be considered.
  • Essential nature: Is the travel being considered for the Commuter Process essential to the employee's job or the student's academic curriculum? If yes, the Commuter Process may be appropriate, but the other factors must also be considered.
  • Origin of travel: Travel to and from "hot spot" or an area experiencing current "outbreak" is higher risk and generally not appropriate for the Commuter Process.

The supervisor/dean approving the Commuter Process application must report the approval to OU-Tulsa Student/Employee Health ( within 72 hours. Once approved under the Commuter Process, the employee or student must agree to notify Student & Employee Halth on their campus if at any time any of the above factors change - for example, if they begin experiencing symptoms or if their commuting situation changes.

Please contact your campus health clinic for further guidance:

If you need assistance accessing the online screening tool with your OU/OUHSC assigned login and password, please contact your campus IT Help Desk.

Scheduled campus visitors, vendors, and new employees without OU/OUHSC login credentials should complete the separate online screening tool found here.

OU-Tulsa Clean and Green Information – May 21

OU-Tulsa COVID-19 Signage and Resources

All OU campuses remain operational; however, many offices are working remotely.

Spring Semester Classes:

Norman campus classes have moved to an online learning format. HSC programs have received direct communications from their colleges. OU-Tulsa programs are following the direction of the respective campus in which the program is offered.

Summer Classes:

Norman campus summer classes will be offered exclusively online. This includes Norman-based programs at OU-Tulsa. HSC programs will receive direct communication from their colleges.


All in-person events on all three campuses are suspended through
at least July 31.


In-person Spring 2020 graduation ceremonies have been rescheduled for August 1, 2020.





OU Responds to COVID-19

We want to keep you updated on how the University of Oklahoma Facilities Management team is helping to protect the OU community by keeping our facilities clean and safe.

President Harroz announces the appointment of OU’s Chief COVID Officer and shares information on the Phase II employee return to campus.

The University has spent the past several weeks actively planning for our return to in-person instruction this fall. Details are contained in our Safe and Resilient Instructional Plan.

President Harroz reflects on recent events May 31, 2020. Read more here.