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M.Ed. in Childhood Well-Being

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Masters in Childhood Well-Being Degree Program

This degree will bring together a variety of disciplines, including social work, urban design, public administration, education and allied health, to provide an education in holistic child well-being.

Tailored for the working professional most classes will be offered face-to-face in the evenings and some weekends, with some online and hybrid classes.

Successful students will have a bachelor’s degree and interest in child welfare. Due to the multi-disciplinary nature of the program, students with backgrounds in early childhood, child development, special education, pediatric social work, child psychology, health and exercise sciences would be a good fit. A background in education is not required for admission. If your interests lie in working with children and families, particularly those who are vulnerable and at risk for poor outcomes, be sure to check out this master’s degree offering.

For more information contact: Dr. Kyong Ah-Kwon at