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Join Happy Teacher Project and Beyond FaceBook Support Group

Want to stay healthy and happy? Please join our new fun FB support group on Happy Teacher Project and Beyond! Any ECE teachers, teacher educators, researchers, and advocates can join, and you can invite your colleagues and friends.

Here are a few highlights of our Happy Teacher COVID-19 impact study (n=1,434 teachers in the U.S.). Early childhood teachers are committed and work hard to survive during the pandemic. However, we have some concerns about their health and well-being during COVID-19.

(1) 35% of early childhood teachers experience depressive symptoms.

(2) 76% of early childhood teachers are overweight or obese.

(3) #1 health-related concern during COVID-19 is “weight gain” and many worry about their sedentary behaviors and lack of physical activities.

(4) Almost 80% has ergonomic pain in at least one area of the body.

Our team decided to take an action! Here are three things we can do together through this mini project:

First, we want to start with a “150-minute workout challenge.” Be physically active (e.g., walking, yoga, dance, everything counts!) for 150 minutes every week. We will post a log every Saturday, and you will simply say you made it!

Second, we have an amazing lineup of leading researchers and experts who are willing to serve as your well-being coach and share their wisdom and tips with you. Feel free to ask any questions about your well-being, health, work environment, and work with children (e.g., your concern about children exposed to trauma). I will continue to add more experts, and you are also an expert!

  • Drs. Ken Randall, Jessica Tsotsoros, & Carolyn Cheema (Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, & Physical Wellness)
  • Dr. Susan Sisson & Adrien Malek-Lasater (Nutritional Science)
  • Dr. Holly Hatton-Bowers (Mindfulness Training)
  • Dr. Michael Baxter (Pediatrics—Child Maltreatment)
  • Dr. Kyong-Ah Kwon, Dr. Lieny Jeon, & Dr. Diane Horm (Early Childhood Education & Child Development)
  • Dr. Tim Ford (Educational Policy and Leadership)
  • Professor Mia Kile & Dr. Natalie Ellis (Interior Design—healthy environmental design)

Third, we encourage you to feel free to share photos of your workout, weekend hiking, healthy meals, encouraging words for teachers, and anything to support and boost our minds and energy. Let us motivate and support each other to stay healthy and happy!


                                                                                Join Now