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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Kwon, K., Ford, T, G., Jeon, L., Randall, K., Ellis, N., Kile, M., Malek, A.*, & Salvatore,A. (Accept with minor revisions). Testing a holistic conceptual framework for early childhood teacher well-being, Journal of School Psychology (Impact Factor=2.98).

Malek, A.*, Kwon, K., Sisson, S., Horm, D., Dipti, D., & Castle, S. (2021). Mealtime practices and classroom quality on supporting children’s healthy eating and learning in early childhood settings. Early Childhood Education Journal (Impact Factor=1.14).

Kwon, K., Ford, T.G., Salvatore, A., Randall, K., Jeon, L., Malek, A. …Han, M. (In press). Neglected Elements of a high-quality early childhood workforce: whole teacher well-being and working conditions. Early Childhood Education Journal (Impact Factor=1.14). 

Kile, M., Ellis, N., Kwon, K., Randall, K., Ford, T., Malek, A. (In press). The quality of work environments for early childhood educators’ well-being from an interdisciplinary approach. In: Jill Pable (ed.), AMPS Proceedings Series: Experiential Design-Rethinking relations between People, Objects, and Environments.

Invited Publication

Kwon, K., Horm, D., & Amirault, C. (In press). Early childhood teachers’ well-being: what we know and why we should care. Young Children (National Association for the Education of Young Children) and Zero To Three Joint Journal.

Other Publications (e.g., book chapter, technical report, proceeding, article for media) 

Kwon, K. (2019). Are early childhood teachers happy and health? This research study will find out, Retrieved from early-childhood-teachers-happy-and-healthy-this-research-study-will-find-out