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The OU-Tulsa Brand

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A statue of a man sowing seeds stands before a sign bearing the words University of Oklahoma Tulsa Schusterman Center

The OU-Tulsa Brand

The OU-Tulsa brand is vital to the overall mission of the university. Our brand serves as our institutional identity, the way we're perceived by the world, and is a reflection on every faculty member, staff member, and student.

The two most important aspects of any brand are consistency and quality.


Is our brand unmistakeable?


Is everything associated with our brand a reflection of the message we want to send?

The most conspicuous part of the OU-Tulsa brand is our branding: the specific marks, images, and symbols that serve as a shorthand for the OU-Tulsa identity. Among all aspects of our branding, our institutional logo is the most visible and, therefore, most important.

A crimson OU-Tulsa Schusterman Center logo

This is why it is so important the OU-Tulsa logo be both constant and consistent

As the marketing and communication arm of OU-Tulsa, it is our job to ensure all our branding, including but not limited to our instiutional logo, maintains the highest levels of consistency and quality. Obviously, this is a tall order, especially when you consider the hundreds of students, faculty, and staff that might be utilizing OU-Tulsa branding at any time. While we can't control literally every use of our branding, OU-Tulsa Marcomm does set certain guidelines and best practices for official school communications. These guidelines are contained within the OU-Tulsa branding guide.

Download the OU-Tulsa Branding Guide

The branding guide serves as a road map to help maintain clarity in all our messaging, no matter how limited the audience. It also ensures the incredible work done by OU-Tulsa faculty, staff, and students is held as a reflection of our institution as a whole.

In addition to the specifics given in the branding guide, there are a few general rules of thumb to keep in mind when creating content for communications related to OU-Tulsa.

  • Utilize OU-Tulsa branding in your communications. While departments, colleges, and groups at OU-Tulsa might have their own specific branding elements, using OU-Tulsa branding helps ensure your work is not misplaced.
  • OU Crimson brings us together and there are no substitutes. A limited color palette is almost always a good idea, but crimson always has a place and a presence.
  • When in doubt, ask for help. Not everyone is a graphic designer, but with a little help, your project can really shine.

The OU-Tulsa brand frequently overlaps with primary OU branding as well as branding overseen by the OU Health Sciences Center. This is by design, and our branding works in harmony with one another as well as it does alone. The exact same care should be taken when using primary OU and HSC branding.

For OU Brand Standards
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For OU Health Physicians brand questions and requests, e-mail Moriah Fox at



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