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Planning Your Research Series Video

OU-Tulsa Research
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Planning Your Research Series Video

If you were not able to make it to the workshop, take a look at the video!

Understanding Validity and Reliability

Interested in learning more about characteristics of quality measurement? Take a look at the videos for an introductory -or- refresher to the basics of survey design. 

Chan Hellman, PhD

Introductory Concepts Video

Evaluating Measures Video

Data Analysis Video

Reliablity Database (SPSS file)

SPSS is available for download on any OU computer. Contact IT for more details.

The Research Process: From Question to Analysis

Want to learn more about research variables, questions, and statistical analyses? Join us for an introductory – or -  refresher to the basics of statistics.

Heather Chancellor McIntosh, MS

Developing Your Research Question Video

Defining Variables and Data Collection Video

Introduction to Qualtrics and SPSS Video

The Research Process: Research Design Beyond Randomized Control Trials

The topics in this series will focus on alternative research designs that are appropriate for investigating complex, contextualized, and/or dynamic relationships.

Jody Worley, PhD

Nonrandomized Designs Video

Probability and Nonprobability Sampling Strategies Video

Propensity Score Matching Video