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How to Apply

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How to Apply

We aim to train highly qualified, community-focused physicians for our region and state. We recruit fellows likely to succeed in our programs and whose academic records, including licensure examinations and/or class rank, demonstrate success and predict attainment of specialty certification following fellowship completion.

The Orthopaedic Trauma Fellowship Match was established in 2008. Its goal is to coordinate fellowship appointments, thus relieving the pressure of uncoordinated appointments and forced early choices.

To apply for the Orthopedic Trauma fellowship, visit Interviews will be conducted through the OTA


Orthopaedic Trauma Association (OTA) sponsors the matching process and is responsible for enforcement of applicable rules. The SF Match office does not sponsor or approve any of the participating programs. The function of SF Match is strictly limited to processing of the match. Listing of any program in the directory does not imply any form of approval, disapproval or endorsement.

The match is deemed mandatory by the Board of Directors of the OTA. All participating Orthopaedic Trauma fellowship program directors are members of the OTA.

About the Match

The match takes place in April and will be used to process all applicants who want to start their fellowship training in August of the following year. Applicants and programs must abide by the Codes of Conduct with the Orthopaedic Trauma Association.

OTA Fellowships at a Glance


Applicants must contact individual programs for requirements.

Central Application Service (CAS)

SF Match’s Central Application Service (CAS) distributes complete applications to programs electronically. The use of CAS is mandatory for both programs and applicants. For more information, visit the Central Application Service (CAS) tab.

Please contact SF Match if you need assistance.

Non-discrimination policies please visit