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Innovative. Reliable. Cost Effective. Time-sensitive. Custom solutions to help test, troublesoot, and comply.

WECAD (Wireless Electromagnetic Compliance and Design Center) is designed to offer a diverse range of operating frequencies and an assortment of test equipment to help organizations identify electromagnetic compliance (EMC) problems. Highly qualitifed faculty and students carry out basic and applied research in wireless and electronic compatibility and design. State-of-the art laboratories and over 10,000 square feet of testing facilities are accessible for commercial use and for applied R&D on new wireless technology.

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Dr. Refai profile picture
WECAD Director Hazem Refai

Thank you for visiting our WECAD (Wireless Electromagnetic Compliance and Design) center website. The WECAD laboratory testing center is a premier research organization established in 2011 to provide timely and cost effective pre-scan test solutions for wireless communications, optical wireless communications, intelligent transportation systems, and biomedical engineering. Expert researchers at the innovative lab use a diverse range of operating frequencies and a unique assortment of advanced test equipment to identify electromagnetic compliance (EMC) problems.

Please use this website to find out more about us and what we do. Among the web pages you’ll learn about our peopleprojects, and educational opportunities. A complete listing of publications and conference proceedings is also provided.

We invite you to visit the WECAD lab at the University of Oklahoma, Tulsa Schusterman Center. Please contact us (918-660-3243) to make an appointment or to get an answer to any question you might have. Let WECAD help you test, troubleshoot, and comply.

Again, welcome!

Dr. Hazem Refai, WECAD Director
Professor at the OU School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Telecommunication

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The WECAD lab provides a user friendly, laptop-based interface that utilizes TILE software to interact with equipment inside and outside the chamber (e.g., turntable, cameras, signal generator, spectrum analyzer, and others). Testing schemes/parameters can easily be altered within the software to accommodate individual needs. Testing summary reports are provided in electronic and hard-copy format, complete with easy-to-read graphs, test procedures, and a list of test equipment. Raw data is available upon request.

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If compliance problems are identified during testing, WECAD lab researchers will troubleshoot the design, including debugging and assistance with shielding, filtering, and grounding techniques. Confidentiality and security for customer materials and prototype components are of the utmost importance to our team. Testing facilities include monitored offices and storage space adjacent to the lab. We encourage you to visit WECAD to learn more about our facilities, equipment, facilities, and researchers. 


Troubleshooting Wireless Design