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OU-Tulsa Student Affairs COVID-19 Update

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COVID-19 Updates for OU-Tulsa Students

Masks Are Required on Campus

As of May 6, 2020 and until further notice, all individuals inside campus facilities must wear disposable or fabric surgical-style facemasks that cover both the nose and mouth. Masks should also be worn outside when social distancing cannot be followed. Individuals may only remove their masks within personal enclosed workspaces when not interacting with others and when actively eating or drinking. Disposable surgical masks will be available centrally from the University, and are expected to be worn for 5 days, unless otherwise too soiled. Masks must also be worn at any off-campus, University-sponsored events following these same guidelines.

Unacceptable Mask Types

  • those with exhalation valves
  • bandana-style masks (and makeshift masks made from bandanas)
  • scarves
  • gaiters
  • buffs

How to Get a Free Mask

Students: As needed, stop by OU-Tulsa Student Affairs (room 1C76, Founders Student Center) to pick up a new mask.

Employees: Department managers should complete the online Mask Request Form to restock supply for employees in their departments. 

Scheduled Vendors & Visitors: All scheduled vendors and visitors are expected to have their own mask and be worn throughout their time in campus facilities.

Online Screening & Reporting Tool

All OU-Tulsa students, faculty, and staff must complete the Student or Employee version of the online COVID-19 Screening & Reporting Tool after logging in with their OU/OUHSC credentials.

OU-Tulsa Scheduled vendors, scheduled visitors, and new employees (those without OU/OUHSC credentials) should complete the applicable online COVID-19 Screening & Reporting Tool, found here. Please refer to the Vendor/Visitor FAQ for any questions about the vendor/visitor screening process.

Social Distancing

Social distancing refers to maintaining a distance of at least 6 feet between individuals. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), it is one of the most effective methods of preventing infection and reducing the spread of COVID-19. Social distancing requirements apply in all workplace and classroom settings on campus, as well as in public settings, common areas, shared event spaces, and while eating or drinking. Specific examples include lounges, classrooms, lecture halls, labs, study rooms, areas of ingress and egress, stairwells, campus dining facilities, libraries, and break rooms. This requirement also applies to any off-campus University-sponsored events. 

OU-Tulsa Response Plan

The OU-Tulsa Response Plan was initially published on May 6, 2020, and most recently updated on February 16, 2021. The plan provides detailed guidance on the steps our campus has taken to create a safe learning and work environment for the entire OU-Tulsa community.

If you have questions about this Return Plan as it relates to OU-Tulsa students, please contact our Executive Director, Josh Davis, by email or call (918) 660-3107.

COVID-19 Screening & Reporting Tool - Updated February 16, 2021

All University of Oklahoma employeesresident physicians, and students, please note the UPDATED screening guidance.

The online COVID-19 Screening and Reporting Tool now includes two new criteria for faculty, staff, and students returning from international travel and from cruises, based on recent federal executive order requirements. Read on to learn more.

When do I need to complete the online COVID-19 Screening and Reporting Tool?

The online tool must be submitted before participating in on- or off-campus activity or responsibility each time you answer YES to any of the questions below:

  1. Are you experiencing symptoms that could be consistent with COVID-19, such as fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, recent loss of taste or smell, and/or extreme fatigue? (Please also contact a health care provider regarding specific symptoms.)
  2. Have you had close contact (been within 6 feet, for approximately 15 minutes or more), either at work, at home or in the community, with an individual diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days or with someone who has been tested for COVID-19 and whose results are pending in the last 14 days?
  3. Have you tested positive for COVID-19 (either on campus or off campus) within the last 14 days, or are you waiting on results for a COVID-19 test you took because you had an exposure or are having symptoms?
  4. NEW: Have you traveled internationally? If so, in addition to completing the Screening and Reporting Tool within 48 hours of your return, you must self-quarantine away from campus* for the period directed by OU Health Services.
  5. NEW: Have you taken a domestic or international cruise? If so, in addition to completing the Screening and Reporting Tool within 48 hours of your return, you must self-quarantine away from campus* for the period directed by OU Health Services.

If I have received the COVID-19 vaccine and then travel internationally or take a cruise, do I still need to comoplete the online COVID-19 Screening and Reporting Tool?

Yes. At this time, even individuals who have been fully vaccinated must continue to comply with this and all other requirements of the return plan for your OU campus, linked below. At this time, the CDC has issued limited guidance on how completion of the COVID-19 vaccine series will impact expsoure assessment. The university will continue to monitor and will make adjustments to this requirement as needed.

What is the status of university-related travel?

  • University Domestic and International Travel – Domestic and international air travel for university-related business or academic purposes is permitted only if the travel is considered mission-critical to the university. Such travel requires completion of the online COVID-19 Screening and Reporting Tool and may result in a mandatory period of isolation from campus upon return to the state, as described above.
  • Mission-critical Travel, Defined – Mission-critical travel is travel that is necessary to the university’s ability to meet its core academic, research, or operations functions. More specifically, the purpose and timing of the travel must be such that if the travel does not occur as scheduled, the university’s ability to meet its core academic, research, or operations functions is significantly impaired. Individuals who believe domestic or international travel is mission critical must contact their chair/director, or dean/vice president, who will consider factors such as timing, State Department/CDC travel advisories for the destination(s), impact on competitive advantage, and actions of peer institutions, to make a written recommendation to the Senior Vice President and Provost for approval.

Please note that under the new protocols, individuals returning from international travel or from domestic or international cruises generally will have to quarantine/isolate from campus for 7 days and receive a negative test prior to return. Faculty or staff traveling internationally or taking cruises must be prepared to take leave (paid or unpaid, as appropriate) during the quarantine/isolation period communicated by OU Health Services, particularly if their position or responsibilities are not approved for or appropriate for remote work. Students should take this isolation requirement into consideration and review their academic obligations when making cruise or international travel plans.

Given the unique nature of the programs at OU-Tulsa campus, our health care mission, and our patient populations, this screening requirement is an important effort we can implement to stop the spread of COVID-19.

*A medical professional will be in contact with you, typically within 24 hours following submission of your form. Based on a medical professional's review of your information utilizing criteria developed by public health and infectious disease experts, you may be directed to observe a self-isolation period up to 14 days. Employees are encouraged to discuss their scheduling, in advance, with supervisors. Because COVID-19 remains a fluid situation and University policies will continue to be modified, Student and Employee Health clinic staff will not be able to give travel guidance relative to future travel and whether or not isolation will be required. 

If you have already submitted an online form within the COVID-19 Screening & Reporting Tool, please follow directions provided in the confirmation email. If not auto-cleared, a member of Student & Employee Health will contact you as soon as possible. Repeated calls to Student & Employee Health will only slow down the review process for all constituents. To report a new potential exposure or symptoms, please submit a new online form and wait to return to campus; please do not call to determine whether a new form may be necessary.

If you need assistance accessing the online screening tool with your OU/OUHSC assigned login and password, please contact your campus IT Help Desk.

Scheduled campus visitors, vendors, and new employees on the OU-Tulsa campus without OU/OUHSC login credentials should complete the separate online screening tool found here.

At this time, OU-Tulsa Student Affairs, including Student Health and Counseling operations, will continue normal business hours with minor adjustments to staffing to achieve social distancing. We will endeavor to offer options to accommodate students during the transition to in-person instruction for some academic programs during the fall 2020 semester. Modifications to schedules or delivery of services may occur with limited notice.

Please see the specific area below for up-to-date information regarding modified services within OU-Tulsa Student Affairs, and follow communications sent to all OU-Tulsa students by our office via email, via this website, or via our social media platforms..

Student Health

Telehealth Appointments Remain Available

Call 918-660-3102 to request an appointment.

Limited In-Person Student Appointments Are Available

In-person appointments are only being conducted on a limited basis and will require a phone screening by our medical team. You will be directed to wear a mask from the time you enter the building.

Available Appointment Hours

Monday - Friday, 8:30-11:30am & 1:30-4pm


Please call us to schedule either an in-person or telehealth appointment.

Sooners Helping Sooners

Sooners Helping Sooners aims to provide assistance to current OU-Tulsa students facing extenuating financial circumstances beyond their control.  We provide assistance to students who face natural disasters, theft of personal property, death in the family, and a variety of other circumstances.  Sooners Helping Sooners also aims to raise funds to continue our efforts.

Visit the SHS website for more information 

Career Services

Resume Review, Cover Letter Assistance, & Mock Job Interviews

Email Lauren to set up a Zoom appointment.

Counseling Services


By appointment only


Telehealth sessions by Zoom or by phone

Detailed Telehealth instructions found here


(918) 660-3109

Email Student Counseling Services

Founders Student Center

To encourage appropriate social distancing and comply with University policy in this space, only one chair will be present at each study table, and spacing at grouped lounge seating areas is also equired. Please do not move the furniture within the lounge or game room spaces. Additionally, please utilize provided disenfectant supplies to clean workspaces before and after each use.

The lounge & game room remain open 24/7. Entry to the main building is restricted to the south 1C hallway entrance near police dispatch.

Questions: Email OU-Tulsa Student Affairs

OU-Tulsa Fitness Center

For guidelines & regulations please click here.

To schedule an appointment, please use our scheduling tool.

Volunteer Online from Home

The deadline for The Sooner Standard for Fall 2020 is December 18.

Our volunteerism website contains some virtual/online volunteerism opportunities that can help you complete your 25 hours for Sooner Standard designation. Email Lauren if you have any questions.

OU-Tulsa Student Government Association 

2020-2021 OUTSGA officers:


Vice President



OU-Tulsa Advocates

Our OU-Tulsa Advocates remain available to confidentially respond to incidents of sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, or other forms of sexual misconduct. For more information about the types of assistance our trained OU-Tulsa Advocates can provide, please visit the Advocates website.

For immediate assistance, please call (918) 660-3163. If this is a medical emergency, please call 911.

OU-Tulsa Registered Student Organizations

Fall 2020 & Spring 2021 Semesters:

RSOs are encouraged to meet virtually. In-person meeting size cannot exceed 20 people and must be in a room that can hold the number of participants in attendance while maintaining social distancing. There are a limited number of rooms available at OU-Tulsa that can accommodate this, and priority for scheduling will be given to classes and academic endeavors.

Email OU-Tulsa Student Affairs for questions or support.

Academic Information for Students

Tulsa students in HSC degree programs (email accounts ending in ""):

  • Refer to email instruction from your Deans, department heads, faculty, or college-specific student affairs offices regarding course delivery
  • Visit for online academic resources 

Tulsa students in Norman degree programs (email accounts ending in ""):

  • Refer to email instruction from your college, department, or individual faculty regarding course delivery
  • Visit for online academic resources 

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Other Facility & Service Updates @ OU-Tulsa

The area below will be updated as information is communicated to OU-Tulsa Student Affairs by OU-Tulsa administration or departments. For the most up to date information on these areas, please refer to the departments directly, or the OU-Tulsa COVID-19 landing page, found here. Modifications to schedules, building access, or delivery of service may change with limited notice.

Main Administration Building - Access Modifications

Effective Thursday, March 19, 2020 @ 8am and until further notice

  • South main entrance (1st level) by Police Dispatch remains open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • North main entrance (flagpole) is open M-F, 8am-5pm
  • Circle drive access doors to main building, as well as H & J wing entrances will all be locked throughout the day; keycard access only

Faculty/Staff with key card access to the main building will be permitteed entry through any door using their proximity badge

Students should utilize the south entrance 

Information Technology @ OU-Tulsa

Tulsa Service Desk:

Computer Labs:

  • The large campus computer lab classrooms, including 1C65, are closed to student use. 
  • Limited access (to ensure social distancing) is available to the small computer lab that is within the IT Help Desk.

Instructional Technologies for Students:

Schusterman Library @ OU-Tulsa

Online resources remain available 24/7 at Librarians are also available for video consultations by appointment.

Learning Center @ OU-Tulsa

The Learning Center will be open during norman campus operational hours, Monday - Friday, 8am-5pm. Additionally, it will be open beyond these times to accommodate any schueduled classes within the facility.

Bill & Ruth's @ OU-Tulsa

Full Operations Continue, but on a reduced schedule

Monday - Friday, 7:30am - 3:00pm

City of Tulsa COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates from the City of Tulsa