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Student Organizations

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OU-Tulsa Student Organizations

Registration Requirement & Info

If you have any questions about your student organization, please access our Student Org Resource Guide.

To apply for funding through the OU-Tulsa Student Government Association please click on the following link: OUTSGA Fee Allocation Application

All student organizations on the OU-Tulsa campus are required to register at the beginning of each academic year. This registration is required even if your organization exists congruently on the Norman or OUHSC campus and has already registered through that campus as well.  More information is provided below regarding registration requirements and instructions.  If you have questions about the status of your registration, please email Lauren Condry or call her at 918-660-3108.  As student organization applications and documents are reviewed for the 2022-2023 academic year, approved organizations will be added to the lists below:


2022-2023 Registered Student Organizations

SGA Administrative Organizations:

Organization NamePresident Faculty/Staff Advisor
College of Allied Health Student AssociationMegan SpearsVince Lepak
College of Nursing Student Association Kiley BlubaughPatty Mitchell
Oklahoma Library and Information Studies Student AssociationBethie SeayBeverly Smith-Edwards
Organizational and Community Leadership Doctoral Student AssociationFelipe OyarzoJody Worly
Organizational Dynamics Student AssociationCambry PriceJennifer Kisamore
SCM Student Executive CouncilAndy WilburnMeredith Talley
Social Work Student AssociationCasey ComanAustin McCoy

Registered Academic Student Organizations:

Organization NamePresident Faculty/Staff Advisor
Advocacy, Mentorship, Innovation, & Growth Opportunities through Simulation Interest GroupBisher AkelKristin Rodriguez
Anesthesia Interest GroupMary GreenoughMeredith Talley
Dermatology Interest GroupKelsey JohnsonMeredith Talley
DRS Class of 2023Mikaela WeatherlyKen Randall
DRS Class of 2024Sage SmithKen Randall
DRS Class of 2025Heidi YoungMary Isaacson
Emergency Medicine Interest GroupKorbin GageJulie Dodson
Family and Community Medicine Interest GroupMadison WhitekillerRaye Reeder
Global Health Interest GroupRachel BrightKaren Gold
Internal Medicine Interest GroupChase BarnettJabraan Pasha
Medical Informatics Interest GroupWilliam MaherMelissa VanCain
Medical Students for ChoiceZoe DavisRaye Reeder
Music and MedicineLauren TaylorRobert Jackson
Obstetrics and Gynecology Interest GroupSierra HumphryMonica Henning
Orthopedics Interest GroupCindy HoBrent Norris
OUHSC Student National Medical Assocation - TulsaArmin KalantariSyeachia Dennis
OU-TU AMA Medical Student AssociationWillaim MaherGeoffrey Chow
OU-Tulsa PA Student Society Class of 2023Malyke BrayAutumn Ackerman
OU-Tulsa PA Student Society Class of 2024Meredith RitchieAutumn Ackerman
Pediatric Interest GroupHannah WilliamsLauren Conway
Psychiatry Interest GroupAntonio LoperAndrew Liew
Radiology Interest GroupRachel NgoMeredith Talley
School of Community Medicine Ambassador ProgramAinsley WolfinbargerMeredith Talley
Student Physical Therapy AssociationRyan SchwabKen Randall
Student Occupational Therapy AssociationSarah McHanLisa Milhan

Registered Student Organizations:

Organization NamePresident Faculty/Staff Advisor
 Christian Medical and Dental Association Cora DuininckMeredith Talley
International Student MinistriesMaria ShaukatDallas Pettigrew
International Student OrganizationAmer ZayeghHazem Refai
OU-Tulsa LuminaCamden SchinnererKayley Lawson
Student Advocates for Equity (SAFE)Austin WeiherKen Randall
Students Against Human Trafficking GroupWilliam OgilvieLauren Conway
The Growing Health GardenAndy WilburnCoutney Littlefield

Registration is Mandatory

  • Registration is required for all student organizations/groups functioning in a capacity related to their student experience at the University of Oklahoma - Tulsa.
  • Organizations must register each academic year, at the beginning of the fall semester or during the summer early registration period when available.
  • While registration will provide the benefits described below, registration does not necessarily imply OU endorsement of student organizations and/or their activities.

For detailed instructions on the registration process for student organizations, please refer to the "Registration Instructions" page.