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Couples/Partnered Counseling

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Couples/Partnered Counseling

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What is couples/partnered counseling?

Couples/partnered counseling is a type of psychotherapy in which the counselor works with two or more partners to help them gain insight into their relationship, resolve conflict, improve communication and improve overall relationship satisfaction utilizing a variety of interventions. Couples/partnered counseling can help resolve a variety of different relational problems and prevent an exacerbation of problems.

Eligibility for Services

The UCC offers brief couples/partnered counseling. Only one person needs to be affiliated with the university as a student or faculty/staff in order to be eligible for these services. Services are provided to opposite-sex and same-sex partners and partners in any kind of living arrangement are welcome (dating, married, engaged, living together or considering ending the relationship). The UCC does not offer custody evaluations, court-ordered assessments or court-ordered therapy. To begin couples/partnered counseling you and your partner(s) need to schedule an intake appointment.