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How to make a UC Action Tutoring Appointment

Besides our UC Action drop-in sessions, we also offer some small-group, by-appointment sessions with our trained undergraduate Peer Learning Assistants.

  • Search and book your appointment online at (details below).
  • Give us a call: (405) 325-7621 (Mon- Fri 8am-5pm) 

Action Appointments & Study Skills Consultations

1. Select "Make Action Appointments" from the tabs at the top.
2. Review the list of options. Appointments will either have a subject available or say any subject available.     
3. Select "make an appointment" for day, time, and subject of your choice. (If you select an appointment listed as "any subject available" you will be prompted to choose a subject from a drop down box. )
4. If there is a tutor you are looking for specifical, select an appointment that lists them as the tutor.

Feature tab image of University College (UC) Tutoring in Human Physiology on whiteboard, Christine Mengis, Peer Learning Assistant

To ensure accommodation on the basis of disability, please call (405) 325-7621.