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Take Action!

Take Action with Study Skills Consultations. Students needing academic assistance outside of a specifc course can set up individal appointments or group presentations to learn skills such as note taking, test preparation, and time managament

Consultation Overview

Study Skills Consultations are one-on-one appointments with a peer study skills consultant. Study skills consulants use a combintion of relfective questions, assessments, and practical activities to help students develop broad academic skills. These meetings are personalized to meet the goals of each student. Students are welcome to schedule more than one appointment as needed. Please note, for Fall 2020, these consultations will be held virtually. Below are some topics that can be covered.

Through activities and assessments, students will identify both their challenges and goals for how they prioritize their time. Students will also discuss strategies for addressing procrastination, distractions, and motivation.

Note taking is an essential skill for all college students. These activities will help students learn the different methods of note-taking, strategies for reading and annotation, and how to incorporate  their notes into active learning strategies like creating concept maps, note organization, and reading notes aloud.

Test-taking activities will  focus on active studying methods, tips for taking the  exam, and strategies for reducing test anxiety. Students will also be introduced to the "5 Day Study Plan". We'll also look at how you can best learn from past exams.   

Colleges continue to increase the use of technology to enhance the academic experience. During your college career you'll be expected to use platforms such as Canvas, Zoom, and One. Our consultants can help you navigate these platforms to learn essential skills that can enhance your academic experience.

Study Skills Consultants can also help students identify other campus resources that can help  build their skills. 

Schedule a Study Skills Appointment

To schedule a one-hour study skills appointment go to Instructions on booking an appointment are available here.

Appointments are available beginning the 3rd week of the semester. 

Request a Study Skills Workshop

Study Skills Consultations are now available as group workshops. Time Management, Everyday Studying and Test Preparation are available in group format for classes, student organizations, or meetings. 

Please submit a request form to schedule a time management, note-taking, or test-taking workshop. If you would like to request a custom topic, please email

Study Skills Workshop Request Form