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New Subject Requests

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Academic Assistance in Unlisted Subjects

"The subject in which I need assistance isn't listed on the UC Action walk-in schedule.  What can I do?"

  1. Our trained, Peer Learning Assistants often have additional subjects available through Action Appointments. Search at, or call our office to see if the subject you're looking for is included, as these may change week to week. (405) 325-7621.
  2. Go to your instructor/TA's office hours, check with your instructor/TA or department to see if they have a list of tutors or a departmental tutoring program, or check for other campus tutoring programs.
  3. It is possible that one of our Peer Learning Assistants is eligible to tutor your subject, but has not provided availability. Also, we like to track your requests for new subjects, so that we can add them for future semesters. Fill out the form below to let us know!

Subject Request Form