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#AskMe features volunteers located across campus to help students find their classes the first two days of the fall semester. We have lanyards and signage to help students find you. We encourage you to look for students who need directions and those who appear overwhelmed trying to find their way.

Volunteer Details

This year, we plan for volunteers to wear your #AskMe lanyard and be available throughout buildings and/or outside as your schedules allow on Monday, August 21st and Tuesday, August 22nd to help students find their buildings and classrooms. With Camp Crimson, most new students will have been on campus for 10+ days before classes start and, hopefully, many will have taken that opportunity to find their classes. There are still many opportunities to help students, and any help you can provide is appreciated!

If you want an #AskMe lanyard and/or large sign, they will be available 8:00-5:00p.m. starting Friday, August 18th in Wagner Hall Suite 180—University College Dean’s Suite (1005 Asp Ave.--this office is on the right side of the hall when entering through the south doors). There will also be campus maps if you would like to have a few of those on hand to help. Note: You do not have to have any #AskMe lanyard to participate; just step out during your available time and look for any lost students you might be able to assist.

If you have any questions, please call 405-325-2072.

Staff member and student talking with Ask Me sign in the foreground of the picture.

Building Maps

    Dale Hall


        1st Floor

        2nd Floor

    Physical Science

        1st Floor

        2nd Floor

        3rd Floor

        4th Floor

        5th Floor

    Sarkeys Energy Center

        1st Floor

        2nd Floor

        3rd Floor

        4th Floor

        5th Floor

Campus Map

Campus Building Codes

Find Your Schedule   

  • Sarkeys Energy Center (SEC) versus SJ Sarkeys Fitness Center/Complex
  • The Cates Center (Cate Center 1 -NE corner, Cate Center 2 -NW corner, Cate Center 3 -SE corner, Cate Center 4 -SW corner)
  • Accessibility and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) versus Dunham Residential College (DRC) – there are classes in Dunham but not the Accessibility and Disability Resource Center
  • Dale Hall (DAH) versus Dale Hall Tower (DAHT)
  • Dale Hall (DAH) versus Devon Energy Hall (DEH)

Volunteer Feedback:

It really was a great opportunity to help new students.

I just really loved helping students. It was so nice to see that look of confusion or stress melt away once their question was answered!

A student stopped to tell me that she didn't have any questions - she just wanted to thank me and OU for providing #AskMe to students! She said that she came from a very small high school and was intimidated by the size/scale of OU - and seeing "real people" identified in yellow shirts with smiles and information made her feel much more comfortable and at home.

Student feedback:

"Look at this - I love this school!"

"Everyone at OU is so nice and so helpful."

"I'm a sophomore and should know where this building is, but..."

"Thank you, I was so lost!

"I'm on my way to my first college class. Will you take my picture so I can text it to my mom?"