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Courses Offered by University College

Elective Credit Courses

UNIV 1002: Foundations for College Learning –  UNIV 1002 was previously titled Gateway to College Learning, the name was changed to Foundations in 2021. The course is a letter-graded, two-credit-hour elective course designed to help first-year students make a successful transition from high school to college and create a foundation for future success at OU and beyond. First-year students build skills critical to their success (critical reading, effective study skills, time-management, test taking, etc.), explore major and career planning, learn about campus policies and procedures, are introduced to campus resources, and build a community with other first-year students in a class limited to 18-21 students. Click here to learn more about the goals and learning objectives for Foundations for College Learning.

University Seminars – are letter graded, two-credit-hour elective courses designed to introduce students to a unique topic of study in a small community learning environment. Seminars are limited to 25 students and are led by outstanding instructors with unique expertise and interest in the topic of study. University Seminars are open to students of all classifications. Click the button below to explore the various topics offered in University Seminars!

UNIV 2021: Choosing a Major – This 1-credit course explores the majors and minors that OU has to offer, and it helps students find their own interests and strengths. Explore Sooner - Deciding on a Major is taught by staff from the Center for Major and Career Exploration. These experts will guide students through the process to selecting a major that connects to their passions and interests and supports their career aspirations. UNIV 2021 is a half-semester course with sections meeting either the first half or second half of the semester. 

UNIV 1031: Exploring Careers – This 1-credit course is designed for students who have decided on a major and are beginning the process of exploring their career options. Students will have the opportunity to engage in self-assessment, perform career research, investigate additional academic opportunities, and create action plans to prepare for post-college careers. UNIV 1030-200 is a half-semester course offered during the second half of the semester.

First-Year Student Mentoring Program

UNIV 1210: First-Year Faculty Mentoring Course – Faculty Mentoring is a 0-credit no-cost course providing the opportunity for students to build relationships with faculty, increase their network base, and gain valuable life experience. These coures are lead by incredible faculty who are invested in mentoring first-year students. Groups are limited in size to ensure that each student has adequate opportunity to connect wth the Faculty Mentor and other participating students. Opportunities for meetings, meals, activities, etc. are scheduled specifically for participating students and their Faculty Mentors providing valuable faculty and student engagement outside of a classroom setting.

Strategies for Success

Strategies is a 1-credit course designed to assist students who are on academic probation or notice. Read more about Strategies

Course for Transfer Students

UNIV 3001 – Transitions for Transfer Students – This course introduces transfer students to the academic requirements, policies, and resources at the University of Oklahoma. Read more about Transitions

Teach a UC Course

University College hires exceptional instructors and Peer Teaching Assistants (PTAs) to teach UC Courses. Click the button below to learn more about opportuntiies to teach for University College!