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Foundations for College Learning, UCOL 1002

The transition from high school to college requires many adjustments including leaving home, meeting new people, preparing for an intensive study environment, learning to budget time effectively, understanding university procedures, and making life-changing decisions.

Students who enroll in Foundations are supported in their transition to college through a specific curriculum designed to help all first-year students, a caring instructor who is deeply invested in first-year student success, and a Peer Teaching Assistant who serves as a peer mentor and co-educator in this active learning environment.

If you'd like enroll in UCOL 1002: Foundations for College Learning for the Fall 2022 semester, you can email your academic advisor for instructions,  or contact the office of First-Year Learning & Engagement at

Click the button below to view the brochure and learn more about the Foundations courses and other course offerings in First-Year Learning and Engagement.

Foundations is an active learning environment and may be different from many other courses in that the format is primarily discussion and class activities rather than lecture. Each Foundations course shares 60% common curriculum to ensure that all students taking Foundations have the opportunity to engage in those important tasks vital to creating success at OU. In addition, each course has 40% of the curriculum customized to the specific section and includes a curriculum built around the FOCUS theme of that specific section.

Assignments for the course are focused on guiding students through reflection, the learning process, developing new and existing methods for learning, setting and reaching your personal goals, major selection/career preparation, and developing action plans for personal wellbeing.

This course is designed to establish foundations for becoming successful and effective college students. Course experiences will provide, among other things, opportunities to accomplish the following:

  1. Develop and refine skills that will help ensure academic excellence. These skills will include training in time management, note-taking, and test-taking strategies.
  2. Investigate the nature of higher education and the University of Oklahoma. Find out what constitutes a university. Enjoy learning about the history, traditions, and campus life at OU.
  3. Get to know an instructor to whom you can bring questions and problems. Developing a relationship with a professor in a small class can be extremely helpful in learning to solve problems.
  4. Learn about yourself as a student.  Foundations includes activities to encourage the refelction and self-discovery. Students assess their personal values, goals, and pathways to purposeful engagement in campus life and meaningful future careers. Regular reflective writings provide an outlet for personal expression.
  5. Learn about the many resources at OU. The University of Oklahoma has vast resources: academic, social, technological, and others. Foundations will help you access these resources.
  6. Practice and improve your ability to communicate your thoughts. In college, students are often expected to study subjects in ways different from high school. In Foundations, you will explore selected topics utilizing frequent class discussions, small group activities, and reflective writings.
  7. Learn about other students and interacting in the community. In Foundations, you will get to know your peers well, both inside and outside the class.

Foundations is an elective credit. Most degree plans require free electives (courses the student gets to choose). However, not all degree plans allow for free electives. So, it is important that you talk with your Academic Advisor about how this course fits into your degree plan. Many students elect to take Foundations as a lower-division elective and an investment in their future success.

Some students are required to take Foundations as a condition of their admissions, scholoarship, or other organization agreement. 

OU's First-Year Learning Communities are essentially a community of learners that take 2-4 classes together during their first-semester. The hub course of the FYLC is Foundations. 

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