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University College Seminars

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University College Seminars, UCOL 1022

Students of all classifications will face challenges as they progress through college as it is a time of growth and transition into adulthood for most students. Experiences with new intellectual standards, new social relationships, and new responsibilities are challenging. Perhaps the biggest challenge is finding the necessary support to successfully make these adjustments.

Through a series of UNIVERSITY COLLEGE SEMINARS, students have an opportunity to discover a unique support system while making a successful transition to college learning.  Each seminar features the exploration of a specific topic with an outstanding instructor in a small class environment.

UNIVERSITY COLLEGE SEMINARS offer the following advantages:

  1. study of a topic of special interest to an outstanding instructor who has a unique perspective on the subject and is enthusiastic about sharing this knowledge
  2. a small class (maximum enrollment is 25 students)
  3. personal interaction with an experienced and carefully selected professor or instructor
  4. an opportunity to learn how to succeed as a college student by "learning how to learn" through exploring a specific topic of interest.

All UNIVERSITY COLLEGE SEMINARS are 2-credit-hour, letter-graded electives. Your academic advisor can answer questions about seminars, or you may call First-Year Learning and Engagement at 405.325.8216 or email 

A complete list of seminars offered for a specific semester can be found on Search UCOL 1022 courses. 

9 Things About Money and College

 This course is designed to give students a basic knowledge of personal finance and money management, covering topics such as saving, credit cards, investing, credit scores, buying a home, and other monetary issues that directly affect college students and graduates. Students will take an active role in the course by applying lessons and assignments to their own personal situations. Students will learn how to build and maintain a personal financial plan. The goal of the course is to develop financially literate students who will be fiscally secure today and in the future.

Exploring Your Strengths

The goal of the course is to assist students in understanding, affirming, and using their strengths to create success in college and life after college. This will be accomplished by investigation and exploration of students’ strengths as defined by StrengthsQuest, creative projects, and practice of specific academic skills and self-assessment.

History of Comics

Iron-Man. Batman. Garfield. The Yellow Kid. Uncle Sam. William the Conqueror. Ramses II. All, fictional and real, have been immortalized in the often overlooked medium of comics. Our class will study comics and cartoons as pictorial literature, one of the most significant means to tell a story and convey information. We will trace the history of comics as well as create a few of our own. Students will be responsible for an exam over comic history, a research paper giving a biography of a cartoonist, and a final portfolio of original comics and cartoons. Special guests from the Oklahoma Comics Creators will give firsthand peeks into the world of art and publishing.

Athletics in the 21st Century

This course will explore current trends and issues in athletics in higher education. Particular attention will be given to the development and structure of the National collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Additionally, students will discuss recent legislation and issues surrounding such topics as academic standards, the student-athlete experience, and the pay-for-play debate.