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Majors and Careers

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Majors and Careers

Trouble Choosing A Major?

student seeking major exploration coaching

Need help deciding on a major that fits your interests, skills and career goals? Using our interest assessment tests and expert knowledge of OU majors and careers, our Major Exploration Coaches will help you discover your options and decide on an academic major.  Finding and declaring a major should be a thoughtful process and we offer a variety of free resources to help:

  • Free, online and in-office career assessments
  • Worksheets for identifying interests, values, and skills
  • Knowledge of helpful online resources
  •  Major Coaching by appointment to:
    • Interpret assessment outcomes
    • Identify academic and occupational relationships (which majors lead to which jobs)
    • Discuss decision-making influences (e.g. what’s holding you back?)
  • Two, 8-week courses: UCOL 2021: Choosing a Major and UCOL 1030: Exploring Careers.
  • Seminars and presentations for your student groups or organizations
  • Annual Majors/Minors Fair
Explore Sooner: Advising and Major Exploration
The Explore Sooner program combines advising and the exploration program to meet the specific needs of students who choose begin college without declaring a major. Students are advised through the Center for Major and Career Exploration and are assigned their own exploration coach. The student will meet individually with their assigned coach who will engage them in the process of exploring and selecting a major while assisting them with course selection. Students will have full access to the available assessments, expertise, classes, and resources of the CMCE. Once the student has declared their major and has met the requirements, they will move to their new college for advisement. However, the exploration resources at the CMCE will continue to be available to the student throughout their time at OU. 

Book an appointment with a Major Exploration Coaches at, in Wagner Hall, Suite 203 (rooms 204, 205, & 206), by phone at (405) 325-1684, or email at

The Exploration Process

The path towards major and career exploration is unique to each person, and can be influenced by their individual values, interests, and skills. In our office, we help navigate students through each step of their exploration journey by coaching them through four main steps: Understanding Self, Exploring Options, Narrowing Down Options, and Taking Action. 

The short video below explains our exploration process and what we hope students can gain from each step.

Major Exploration Coaches

Meet Travis Lightsey


(405) 325 - 1684

Meet Jessi Masterson

Senior Exploration Coach

(405) 325 - 2944

Meet Lauren Ledbetter

Senior Exploration Coach

(405) 325 - 2664