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Jessi Masterson

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Jessi Masterson

Senior Exploration Coach

Department: Center for Major and Career Exploration


Phone: (405) 325 - 2944

Office location: Wagner Hall, Suite 203

Education: BA, Interdisciplinary Studies - Oklahoma Baptist University

MA, TESOL - University of Oklahoma

Courses taught: UNIV 1002, First-Year Foundations

UNIV 2021, Choosing a Major (Fall and Spring)

About Jessi Masterson:

Jessi was born in Texas and raised in Oklahoma City, OK. Jessi loves her southern roots and to explore and understand other cultures. She studied Teaching English as a Second Language (among many other things, "because choosing one thing is hard!"). Jessi speaks Portuguese. She loves to know what others are passionate about.

In her free time, Jessi enjoys playing volleyball, board games, listening/playing music and just spending time with people. 

What do you like most about working with new students?

Your future is just beginning and there are endless opportunities in front of you. You have so much space to dream and just to get to know your strengths and passions better. I love the excitement and nerves that come with freshman year, because I’m nostalgic, and it reminds me of how shaping my freshman year was – how many great memories I made. 

What advice would you give to OU first year students?

Embrace the newness, the awkwardness, and the time you have to take to build a new community and learn more about yourself. There’s not many times in life specifically designed for you to explore your options, so take advantage of it!