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Sunny Wenger

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Sunny Wenger

Academic Counselor

Department: Academic Advising


Phone: (405) 325 - 3521

Office location: Lissa and Cy Wagner Hall, Suite 100

Education: B.A. in Journalism, University of Oklahoma

M.Ed. in Adult and Higher Education, University of Oklahoma

Courses Taught: UCOL 1002 - First-Year Foundations, UCOL 2002 - Strategies for Success

About Sunny Wenger:

Sunny Wenger has been active with University College since 1996 when she held her first position with Academic Advising support staff.  Sunny went on to earn her M.Ed. in Higher Education and served as a Center Coordinator for OU Housing from 1997-2002.  Sunny began teaching for First-Year Learning and Engagement in 1999 and continues her adjunct teaching appointment today. Over the years she has not only served as an instructor but as a new instructor mentor and was one of the original authors of our first OU published Gateway to College Learning textbook.  In December 2019, Sunny joined University College as an academic advisor. She is an avid supporter of the freshman year experience and cherishes the opportunity to mentor new students on their OU journey.  She is married to OU Engineering Alum, Eric Wenger, and has two daughters, Kate and Abby. 

What is your favorite OU tradition?

I love the Class Kick-Off in the football stadium! This is the moment where the new freshman class comes together for the first time to hear a few words of inspiration from the Student Body President, Provost and the OU President and many times, a celebrated coach or two! We also practice the OU Chant and sing Boomer Sooner!! This marks the beginning of something new and a wonderful opportunity for all of us to envision our future and commit to a great year!!

What do you like most about working with new students?

I love the energy and the excitement that comes from students who are entering OU for the first time.  I love finding out what inspires them and what their hopes and dreams are for the future.  I take all of that information and together we craft a plan, unique to them, to help them realize their dreams. 

What advice would you give to OU first year students?

Never hesitate to ask a professor, a staff person or a peer for help!!!  I love what Michelle Obama says “college is a team sport.”  Just like a team, we are all playing together working toward the goal of higher education. The OU experience is truly a family and we help each other navigate the journey.