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Biological Station

The University of Oklahoma Biological Station at Lake Texoma serves the university and broader community thorough education, research, and service activities. Learn about our mission, history, and setting.

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Our summer college courses provide unparalleled opportunities for immersive, hands-on learning in field and laboratory settings. Learn more about our classes, the application process, and life at the biological station.

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Our research mission focuses primarily on ecological and environmental processes in aquatic and terrestrial environments. Learn more about research opportunities at the biological station.

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The University of Oklahoma Biological Station serves as host for groups and activities consistent with our education, research, and service missions. Learn more about eligible activities and what we offer.

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Generosity of alumni and friends allows us to significantly enhance the programs and experiences we provide for students, environmental research, and outreach.  Learn how your gift can lift the station from good to great in the coming year.

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Apply for 2023 Summer Biology Courses!

Graduate Summer Research Scholars 2021

The University of Oklahoma Biological Station anticipates offering graduate scholarships for summer research conducted at our Biological Station during 2020. Housing accommodations at UOBS are provided. Recipients are responsible for food and other living expenses.

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Undergraduate Summer Research Internships 2021

The University of Oklahoma Biological Station offers paid summer research internships in which undergraduate students in Biology live at the biological station and participate in research at UOBS under the supervision of faculty or graduate student researchers. Research is primarily in areas related to ecology and environmental biology, and often involves a combination of outdoor field work and laboratory activities. This Undergraduate Summer Research Internship program encourages mentorship and meaningful engagement of students in research projects.

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News Flashes

Our Thousands Strong fundraising campaign raised over $6000 to support our student research programs. A big thanks to all the donors!

Recent scientific publications from OUBS researchers include "Using metabolic and thermal ecology to predict temperature dependent ecosystem activity: a test with prairie ants" by Rebecca Prather and co-authors, and "The role of temperature in competition and persistence of an invaded ant assemblage" by Karl Roeder and co-authors.

Our pollinator meadow was recently expanded by a team of volunteers. The meadow was last summer created by Dr. Priscilla Crawford and students in her Field Studies in Biological Conservation class, and has been flourishing.



BioBlitz! 2016


The University of Oklahoma Biological Station was thrilled to host BioBlitz! Oklahoma in 2016. BioBlitz! is a celebration of Oklahoma's biological diversity, with both expert biologists and citizens of all ages finding, identifying, and learning about our diverse flora and fauna. We documented over 600 species, caught up with old friends, and made new ones.