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Guide to Living at the Station

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Guide to Living at the Station

Casual and comfortable

Life is casual and comfortable at the biostation. T-shirts and shorts are best for around campus, and closed-toed shoes are strongly recommended. Indoor spaces are air-conditioned, and some people wear sweatshirts or light jackets indoors. Many courses include off-campus work in natural areas, and work in these areas often requires long pants, sturdy shoes, and a hat. Consult your syllabus for specific dress requirements for your course.

Housing and meals

The Biological Station offers dorm-style housing, and all suites have a refrigerator and bathroom. Typically 2 to 4 students room together, and you can list roommate preferences in the course application form.

Our cafeteria serves three hot meals a day, and includes a salad bar, Starbucks coffee, and good food. Yes, you can have seconds. Students should designate dietary needs and preferences on the course application form.


Our downtime options include a rec room with satellite TV and Ping-Pong, volleyball and basketball courts, Frisbee on our large lawn, exploring nature, beachcombing, and enjoying a mile of lakefront views.