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Support Our Biological Station

Leaping from Good to Great

Your generosity allows us to make the leap from good to great. Your donation to the University of Oklahoma Biological Station makes a difference in the lives of our students and in the impact we make as we strive to better understand our planet. Generosity of our alumni and friends allowed us to provide scholarships of $300 to $500 to every student who requested one this year, and allowed us to significantly enhance our classrooms. Your generous donations also fund our Graduate Student Research Fellowship program that allows PhD and Master’s students to spend summers conducting research at the station. Thank you!

Donate to UOBS

Donating to UOBS though the link above helps us provide exceptional experiences for our students, researchers, and outreach participants. Current priorities include support of research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, and continued enhancement of our classrooms and research labs.

Gary Wellborn
Professor of Biology
UOBS Director

Join Friends of the OU Biological Station

Friends of the University of Oklahoma Biological Station (FUOBS) are dedicated alumni and friends who support the students and activities of the station, and allow our community of students and scientists to achieve great things by providing resources for scholarships, fellowships, and infrastructure.

We would love to have you join us!!

Visit the FUOBS website to learn more