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UPB Mission

The Union Programming Board (UPB) is a dynamic student-run organization dedicated to providing diverse programs in the Oklahoma Memorial Union for the University of Oklahoma community. Our mission is to engage students, encourage leaders and enrich lives.

We believe that every student deserves a chance to get involved on campus, which is why we create leadership opportunities through events in the Union that enrich the college experience.

Involvement with Options

At UPB, there is no waiting for a leadership opportunity. You want in? You're in! You determine your level of involvement from Day 1. Some people choose to serve as a Day-of Execution team member, some choose to commit to a core group to plan an event and some come in with a specific idea for an event and we help them make it happen. The path you choose is up to you.

Personal Development

We want you to benefit from UPB. We strive to offer opportunities to help prepare you for your life after OU. Involvement outside of the classroom is a great way to build portfolios and hone skills like people and project management. At UPB, it’s all about you and how much you are willing to learn and what you want to do. You can get involved by helping us plan and implement these programs or by just kicking back and enjoying the programs we present. Either way, we're happy to have you.