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UPB Ambassadors

union programming board ambassadors

The UPB Ambassadors program was created in order to further collaboration with organizations across OU’s campus, creating more exceptional events in the Union for students.

This program connects trained UPB members with organizations that desire to co-program with Union Programming Board or have questions about additional resources that UPB can provide for their events. 

Past Co-Programmed Events

What is UPB Co-Programming?

UPB defines co-programming as the joint collaboration between all involved organizations throughout the entirety of the event process. This process includes the creation, planning, and execution stages of the event. We believe this equal sharing of the process and of responsibility encourages unique perspectives and ideas to come to life through exciting events in the Union!

Process for Co-Programming

  1. If your organization is interested in co-programming with the Union Programming Board, please fill out the request form below. 
  2. Following the submission of the form, we will work with you to organize a meeting between yourself and a UPB Ambassador to further discuss the co-programming idea.
  3. If all involved organizations approve, all organizations will fill out the appropriate co-programming forms on OrgSync and begin the co-programming process. 

UPB Co-Programming Request

If you're interested in reserving a room in the Union, such as Meacham, the Ballroom, or a study space, please visit the Oklahoma Memorial Union's website for more information.

Additional Questions

For any questions regarding co-programming, please contact Jazmin Cooper, Outreach Director of UPB, or