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About the University Research Campus

Our Vision

The University Research Campus is a collaborative environment with a community engaged in research that leads to social, economic and academic advancement – improving the global quality of life.


We are creating a generation of passionate and competent professionals who know how to take ideas from conception to the marketplace.


Partnerships with corporations and the government provide the community, state and region with high-paying jobs; keeping talent local and driving growth.


The Research Campus provides a sense of space and community that facilitates a spirit of creativity and collaboration.

Business Savvy

We understand the importance of moving at the speed of business and have processes in place to deliver contracts quickly.


What's Unique About the University Research Campus?

Access to Top Facilities

Stephenson Research and Technology Center

The $27 million research facility, completed in 2004, includes 94,600 square feet of reconfigurable laboratory and office space to accommodate rapidly changing programs and new initiatives. It houses nearly 300 faculty and student researchers working in a wide variety of disciplines, including chemistry, zoology, microbiology, botany and engineering.

National Weather Center

The 258,000-square-foot National Weather Center opened its doors in September 2006. One of the largest facilities of its kind in the world, it houses OU, state and federal organizations with more than 500 employees, faculty, researchers and students.

Partnership with Leading Researchers

Classified by the Carnegie Foundation  as the only Very High Research university in the state, OU is a foundational engine for economic growth. Research expenditures exceeded $283M in FY17, and the Norman Campus faculty (including faculty associated with Norman Campus programs at OU-Tulsa) received total new award funding of $97M. This achievement contributed significantly to the near tripling of Norman Campus research funding over the past 15 years. OU faculty are also receiving prestigious national and international awards and fellowships, publishing in acclaimed journals and books, serving as editors and jurists, and presenting or performing your scholarship in venues around the world.

Learn more about OU’s research areas.