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The Tenant Experience

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The Tenant Experience

Research Campus tenants share their experiences

Lans Rothfusz - NOAA

"At the National Weather Center, the synergy among scientific disciplines, enthusiasm of coworkers, freedom to explore ideas and tackle challenges, and ultimate focus on protecting lives, property and the economy from high-impact weather make for a rich environment for success. OU has been a fantastic partner in making that happen"

-Lans Rothfusz, deputy director, NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory

Jean Vieux - Vieux & Associates

"Our company, which transforms weather and radar data into water management products and services, relocated to the University Research Campus in 2005. The Class A office space, Tier-3 data center and unsurpassed data access are ingredients for great success."

-Jean Vieux, president and CEO, Vieux & Associates, Inc.


Lance Steele - Weathernews

"Weathernews has been a part of the University Research Campus for over 10 years. We have benefited greatly for many reasons, including the fact that OU School of Meteorology graduates have joined our staff. We also work closely with OU on numerous innovative projects involving development of new hardware and software."

Lance Steele, certified consulting meteorologist, Weathernews