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Peer Advisors for Veteran Education - PAVE

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Peer Advisors for Veteran Education - PAVE

PAVE at the University of Oklahoma

PAVE is a peer-to-peer program that connects incoming student veterans attending college with successful student veteran peers on campus to provide support, help them navigate college life, identify any challenges they are encountering, and refer them to the appropriate resources on or off campus. OU has twelve student veterans serving as PAVE advisors to newly incoming students.

Whether you are a new student who has completed your service, a student who interrupted your education to serve and are now returning, or a student who began your studies elsewhere and are transferring here, we will help guide you to the resources you need to make the most of your OU experience.

PAVE is a collaboration between the University of Michigan, Student Veterans of America, and a network of partner campuses. The program was developed at the University of Michigan through grants from the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation. The program is currently on over 40 partner campuses nationwide.

PAVE Featured in Inside OU

For OU student veterans like Dan Nyagol and Brandon Hovis, as well as active duty member Brooke Pemberton, Veterans Day holds a special place in their lives, demonstrated through their commitment to the Peer Advisors for Veteran Education Program (PAVE).
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Are you new to campus? Have a question you need help with? 
We want to help you get connected with the right resource, please email us at

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OU's 2019-2020 PAVE Team

Pictured are (Back row l to ri) Kim Faria, Ann McSpadden, Ashley Colbert, Kafui “Q” Quashie; (Front row l to r) Brandon Hovis, Jesse Thompson with “Ruckus”, and William Howe.  

OU Team Members not pictured: Nate Cross, Caleb Yarnell, Phillip Condreay, Brooke Pemberton, Sherwin Pullen, and Rachel Plautz.

PAVE pups

Lucy McSpadden

Daisy Hamilton

Riley Hovis


OU's current PAVE Peer Advisor
to Incoming Student ratio is 1 to 12.