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OU Professor Receives Emmy Awards for Documentary

OU Professor Receives Emmy Awards for News & Documentary

ABC News correspondent and University of Oklahoma journalism professor Mike Boettcher has received two Emmy Awards.

Mike Boettcher, Gaylord College professor and veteran foreign correspondent, received two Emmy Awards in the 2012 News and Documentary awards. The news package was nominated in two categories: Outstanding Feature and Best Story in a Regularly Scheduled Newscast.

This brings Boettcher's number of Emmy Awards to six, but marks the first time an active college professor has received an Emmy while also being an active war correspondent.

The awards are for the half-hour ABC Nightline Program "American Valor: The Land of the Brave" on the Strong Eagle battle in Afghanistan that aired over the 2011 Memorial Day weekend.

A companion piece was produced by Mara Nelson, a student working on the joint ABC/Gaylord College "Afghan 101" project. Read the student story at the Afghan 101 website. Carlos Boettcher served as the producer on the project.