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Student-led program raises funds for fellow OU students in need

Student-led program raises funds for fellow OU students in need

Sooners Helping Sooners is a student-led program to raise funds for OU students in need. The program encourages OU students to show their pride by supporting their peers through philanthropy.

Funds raised are set aside in an Emergency Allocation Account, to be awarded to students who have dire financial need due to unexpected circumstances. Students can apply or be nominated for emergency funding support.

SHS committee members hit the ground running this spring and have since built a social network following via Facebook and Twitter, started a video campaign on Vimeo, and also developed a website. They also are leading the fundraising charge by raising awareness of the group at various campus locations and events.

“It has really been incredible for both the student committee and I to see the response from other students,” said Beth Huggins, chemical engineering junior and SHS co-chair. “During our first awareness week, we did lots of tabling on campus. While tabling in the Union one day, I was talking to a student, telling her all about SHS. When I finished, she immediately gave me a huge hug and said, ‘Wow, thank you, guys. This is really awesome!’ I know for the committee members and me, that kind of appreciation was encouraging and demonstrated that our hard work, ideas, and passion have been spent on something that will change the lives of students—students who need help and students who can help.”

Sooners Helping Sooners will host a couple of events on April 23, including an attempt to break the world record for the “largest simultaneous trust fall” at 8 p.m. in Oklahoma Memorial Union.

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