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OU College of Law to Produce First Class of Digital Legal Students

OU College of Law to Produce First Class of Digital Legal Students

OU College of Law students received iPads to help them become professionals who thrive in the digital world.


Norman — Technology is changing the face of the legal profession at a speed have never seen before. As a pacesetter in legal education, the University of Oklahoma College of Law is committed to providing graduates with the tools they need to succeed. Today the OU College of Law becomes the first law school in the country to launch a collegewide Digital Initiative, designed to prepare students for success in the digital world.

Tomorrow’s most talented lawyers must be proficient with technology. They will research, annotate, organize and present in the digital medium. From the office to the boardroom to the courtroom, they must be skillful in employing software applications to enhance their effectiveness and efficiency.

“OU Law is dedicated to training our students to make effective use of technology,” Dean Joseph Harroz, Jr. said. "Lawyers who are not skilled with technology will be at a competitive disadvantage in the future.”  

As the keystone, every student in the OU College of Law will be provided with an iPad, at no cost to the student. The iPad provides a common tool and platform, Harroz said. The scale of the project will foster collaboration and facilitate instructional innovation, he said.

OU Law is committed to maximizing students’ competitive edge in the market. This initiative will train students to become professionals who continue to thrive in the new digital world.

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