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Sooners Discuss Documentary with Host Fraser Kershaw

Sooners Discuss Water Documentary with Host Fraser Kershaw

Kershaw will speak with students Oct. 1 about the film "Behind the Water," which documents the lack of clean water access in Latin America.

Fraser Kershaw
Fraser Kershaw


It can be easy to fall into the fray of college happenings. Exams, papers, campus and social life excitements can sallow the majority of a student’s energy. 

Focusing on the short-term goals of academic and student life is important in order to achieve successful college career, but it’s not the only goal for students during their time at OU.

Sooners are also given the ignition to find life-long goals and passions and the courage to jump after them after they leave the confines of campus.

Host of the upcoming documentary “Behind the Water” Fraser Kershaw hopes to inspire OU film students to do just that.

Connecting with Sooners

Kershaw is scheduled to speak with OU film students Oct. 1 as part of a film discussion and Q&A session featuring “Behind the Water.” Kershaw will discuss his experiences with the film’s production and working alongside pillars of rural cinema and offer advice to those wanting to pursue careers in the film and documentary industry. 

Directed by National Geographic’s Doug Clevenger, “Behind the Water” details the struggles endured by those affected by the lack of clean water access in Latin America. The film follows the stories of those experiencing and those addressing this crisis. Kershaw serves as the documentary’s host.

Students will be able to preview a brief portion of the film and discuss the documentary subject and production with Kershaw, who has had experience working toward bringing clean water to developing parts of the world. 

By connecting with OU students about the film, Kershaw hopes to inspire students to chase after those life changing ideas and passions, whether they be cinematic or philanthropic in nature.  

“I think they’ll gain insight to the stepping stones into finding their purpose,” says Kershaw of what students will gain from the presentation.

Stepping out Sooner style

What advice does Kershaw have for those wanting to bring about change or achieve a big goal?

“First you have to eliminate obstacles in your life and start searching,” he said. “You have so many people who want to go out do something, but they just don’t have time.”

Hard work and dedication is a part of the Sooner lifestyle. Students at the University of Oklahoma are pushed to strive toward their biggest ambitions. Future filmmakers or world changers, it doesn’t matter. Each student is dared to dream. 

“If I can do it, anyone can do it,” says Kershaw.

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