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What You Need to Know About the Diversity Training Requirement

What You Need to Know About the Diversity Training Requirement

OU has rolled out a new diversity training requirement for all incoming freshman to encourage the creation of a more inclusive campus.

Listen up, Class of 2019! You may have heard about the new upcoming diversity training required of the incoming freshman class. We’re here to bring you up to date on the new-to-campus experience. 

The purpose of the diversity training is encourage the creation of a more inclusive campus. Students will learn about the different backgrounds, sexual orientations and beliefs representated at OU as well as the history and traditions of the university. Student will also have the opprotunity to learn about the campus resources availble to them.

“We hope that a person leaves this experience feeling comfortable enough to venture out on their own to learn more about diveristy and what it means to them,” said Jabar Shumate, vice president of University Community.

So here’s the dish:

• The completion of the training requires five hours, but have no fear: You’ll have all year! This will be done on your time. Either through Camp Crimson seminars, Gateway to College Learning courses or additional formats, you’ll have options about the way you complete the training. Some TBA general education courses may even include training hours in their curriculum. 

• The training is comparable to other orientations freshmen are required to complete during their first year such as the alcohol education sessions. These trainings are not for credit and are not intended to add on to a student’s course load. 

• What does the training entail? Some pretty neat stuff, really. Training will cover the histories, cultures and backgrounds represented by all the individuals who make up the Sooner community. The agenda isn’t limited to one perspective, but many, including LGBTQ, gender and disability topics. Students have the opportunity to learn about the many things that make the campus community unique. 

• In general, the main purpose of the course is to encourage students to learn about and embrace those of a different background from themselves. As college is an exciting, new experience for many students, it's a perfect time for branching out and making connections with fellow Sooners. “What a shame it would be to come to the University of Oklahoma with all it has to offer and only experience a piece of that pie. We want students to get the whole experience,” Shumate says.

Still have questions? No worries. Student Affairs and Student Life are just a couple examples of organizations on campus that serve as liasons to connect students to diversity opportunities and information. If you have more specific questions regarding the diversity training, students are encouraged to contact Shumate or D’Andre Fisher, the special assistant to the vice president, via email with questions. Students seeking more information are also invited to stop by the University Community office in Evans Hall.