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The No-Stress Gift Guide

OU's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide For Every College Student

For those whose holiday shopping took a backseat to studying for finals: Here's a gift guide that should cover everyone on your shopping list.

Haven't had time to process the thought of holiday gifts? That's understandable.

We've made it easier on you by compiling some great gift ideas that you can pick up on campus and around the Norman area that are sure to please the family back home. From big to small and pricey to cheap, we've got something for everyone on your shopping list.

Oklahoman Necessities

  • $26
  • University of Oklahoma Bookstore
  • What better way to wake up Christmas morning than in a comfy pair of OU PJs. Snuggle up next to the fire with the family in matching pajamas.
  • Good gift for: the entire family
  • $35
  • University of Oklahoma Bookstore
  • This is a perfect gift to show your family the friends you've made while at OU. Everyone loves pictures, especially parents and grandparents. You can’t go wrong with this frame paired with a cute picture of you and your BFFs.
  • Good gift for: parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and anyone else who loves that mug of yours
  • $20
  • If you haven’t noticed, we're in the thick of December now, and winter is most certainly on its way. It's time to bust out the jackets, scarves and, of course, the beanies. This Land is part of the Oklahoma-based magazine, This Land Press. What better way to support the middle of America than with a beanie during the holiday season. Plus, it’s pretty darn cute, right?
  • Good gift for: siblings, best friend, boyfriend and yourself
  • $32
  • This T-shirt is a great gift for any Okie lover. It's comfy, cute and casual — the ultimate trifecta.
  • Good gift for: everyone. Literally. Everyone.
  • $28
  • University of Oklahoma Bookstore
  • Plan on cooking out for the playoff game on New Year's Eve? This is exactly what you need. It’s a sportula (spatula + sport), get it? Every man in your life needs one of these. It’s a no-brainer.
  • Good gift for: father, grandfather, uncles, boyfriend, husband and anyone who loves meat and machismo
  • $10
  • Know any coffee lovers? Brewed out of Norman, Bison Brew is delicious coffee with an Oklahoma twist. Bison Brew is available in different flavors and roasts for everyone to enjoy.
  • Good gift for: caffeine fiends
  • $13
  • Looking for a great stocking stuffer? We found one. These paper cover notebooks are made by a Norman artist (so bonus points for keeping it very local). They're a fun gift to give to all ages, especially to your “homies” (get it?).
  • Good gift for: all the “homies” in your life
  • $60
  • This Oklahoma-shaped cutting board was beautifully handcrafted in Norman by artist Jeremy T. Miller. You don't want to miss out on getting this for the ones you love.
  • Good gift for: parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents and anyone you know with great culinary taste
  • $75
  • This beautifully stitched leather wallet is great to give any special guy in your life. It's hand-stitched by an Oklahoma artist and has a place for everything needed in a wallet.
  • Good gift for: father, grandfather, boyfriend, husband and anyone who geeks out over organizing their pockets' contents
  • $88
  • University of Oklahoma Bookstore
  • Need a bigger gift for a special someone? This purse is great and sure to please anyone who receives it. Give someone something they would love while supporting your school.
  • Good gift for: mother, grandmother, sister and your all-around fashionista

A Techy's Dream

  • Starting at $699 (On clearance until they're gone)
  • OU IT Store
  • Hurry! These babies are going fast. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is being offered on clearance until sold out. This is great computer for all students and families to use. 
  • Good gift for: yourself, parents and family
  • Regular: $179.95
  • Sale: $134.96 (Dec. 6-19)
  • OU IT Store
  • Everyone loves portable speakers, so why not kick it old school with Jawbone’s Mini Jambox? This speaker has the old school feel with modernized technology, ensuring a great sound for all around.
  • Good gift for: music fanatics everywhere
  • Regular: $149.95
  • Sale: $112.46 (Dec. 6-19)
  • OU IT Store
  • This is for all the music lovers out there. What better way to listen to the holiday favorites than on one of the best earbuds around. Plus, you save over $30. That's what we call a steal.
  • Good gift for: siblings, best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or roommate who "lost" your last set of earbuds
  • Regular: $49.99
  • Sale: $40 (Dec. 6-19)
  • OU IT Store
  • Attention all Star Wars fans: We have the perfect gift for you. This bluetooth speaker lights up while playing music. It even comes with the Star Wars main theme song.
  • Good gift for: any Star Wars nerd (we say that with love)


It's About The Small Things

  • $22
  • University of Oklahoma Bookstore
  • Have an ornament exchange to go to this season? Show up with the best one at the party with this OU ornament. It's a perfect way to show Sooner pride during the holiday season.
  • Good gift for: ornament exchanges, best friends, aunts, uncles and anyone who needs a little Sooner cheer on their Christmas tree
  • Three-piece set:
  •     Dreamcatcher OK tumbler ($17)
  •     Dreamcatcher OK tray ($17)
  •     OK outline necklace ($14)
  •     All together: $45
  • Antique Garden
  • This Oklahoma-themed trio gift is perfect to give as a set, or you can separate it into three different gifts. It's available in the store or online. You also have the option to send it directly to the gift receiver or receivers.
  • Good gift for: sister, best friend, aunts and cousins
  • $15.50
  • These wire headbands are a fun gift for all ages and are supplied by Byrd Homemade, a Tulsa-based business. With many different patterns, you're sure to find the perfect one for anyone and everyone.
  • Good gift for: sister, cousins, best friends and anyone with great taste in hair accouterment
  • $3
  • Need a gift for everyone and their mother? Well, this is a great one for all. Take a little piece of Oklahoma with you back home with this ornament filled with single rose rocks.
  • Good gift for: anyone, especially geologists and those who love earthy decor
  • $36
  • Bisby candles, based out of Oklahoma City, are Moroccan handmade goods. They're sure to make any place smell fresh and clean. They're also environmentally friendly, using 100 percent U.S. grown soy wax, cotton wicks and fine fragrance oils.
  • Good gift for: aunts, grandmas, best friends and anyone who appreciates a fine fragrance
  • $25
  • A simple gift that's a big hit. This leather SMPLIN key clip, handcrafted by an Oklahoma native, is a great addition to any key chain.
  • Good gift for: drivers young and old

'Would You Like an Apple?'

  • Regular: $69.95
  • Sale: $34.98 (Dec. 13-19)
  • OU IT Store
  • Need something to go with your new iPad Air 2? You don’t want to leave your iPad unprotected. The speck case allows easy grip and drop-proof protection so you won't be that fool who shattered her new iPad Air 30 seconds after receiving it.
  • Good gift for: any iPad owner and cautious protector of technological devices
  • Regular: $199.99
  • Sale: $180 (Dec. 6-19)
  • OU IT Store
  • This 16GB iPod allows you to have more storage and have all of the perks of an Apple device. Wi-Fi will even allow you to use iMessage to communicate with other Apple users.
  • Good gift for: anyone who's been griping about lack of storage on their devices this year 
  • Regular: $39.95
  • Sale: $19.98 (Dec. 13-19)
  • OU IT Store
  • This speck case offers heavy protection to your phone. It's drop-tested to prove its durability. It's great for that person who drops his phone every time you see him.
  • Good gift for: stocking stuffer, college student, family members and, um, butterfingers
  • Regular: $40
  • Sale: $20 (Dec. 13-19)
  • OU IT Store
  • This chic case allows protection to your phone while adding a stylish flare. The hard shell allows it to be durable and easy to handle.
  • Good gift for: all the gals in your life who own an iPhone 6
  • Regular: $69
  • Sale: $59 (Dec. 13-19)
  • OU IT Store
  • Apple TV connects to any regular TV and allows you to connect to the Internet through your TV. 
  • Good gift for: any college student with a Netflix addiction, so ... any college student?


Antique Garden is a locally own business by a Norman mother/daughter duo since 1997. AG offers apparel, decor, accessories and Sooner necessities. You can also choose to ship it somewhere else if needed. Antique Garden is located on 323 W. Boyd St, Norman, OK 73069. Reach them at (405) 321-1772.

The University of Oklahoma Bookstore is the one-stop shop for all of your OU needs. Among the books you can find apparel for all ages and genders, decor and all other Sooner merchandise you might need. The store is located below the parking garage in Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. Reach them at (405) 325-3511.

STASH has a mix of merchandise such as teas, candles, clothing, accessories and many other handcrafted objects. STASH’s holiday hours are 10 a.m. through 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sundays. STASH also offers free gift wrapping with all purchases. STASH is located on 412 E. Main St., Norman, OK 73069.

The OU IT Store has all of the technology and accessories you need for the holiday season. The store is holding a sale from Dec. 6-19 and you do not want to miss out on all the big brands and cool gadgets. The OU IT store is located in the Oklahoma Memorial Union on OU’s campus and at 329 W. Boyd St., Norman, OK 73069 (The One University Store).